Driving Scene.....

[Post New]by Maggiemae1 on Jan 1, 13 1:11 AM
I have been waiting for the mailbox to enter the picture, but it is not happening. It is the last thing to find. When I try to get help with the HInt tab, it says that there aren't any more things to find right now, and to check back later. I can't find a way to skip the mailbox, and move on. Any ideas??

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Re:Driving Scene.....

[Post New]by genkicoll on Jan 1, 13 1:33 AM
It's been so long since I played it, but I *think* it will show up on the right-hand side of the scene.


Re:Driving Scene.....

[Post New]by Maggiemae1 on Jan 2, 13 3:28 PM
Thanks, I just restarted the game with a new profile. and was able to get through the d riving scene. Sad that the game is over!

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