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Picture wont take the three rings help .

[Post New]by audreydi on Jan 3, 13 11:48 AM
I have gone through delete in games manager twice to get this fix but still cant go past this issue.I have the three rings and they wont go into the picture.I have also paid another credit for the stratagy and done everything right to a tee please help.


Re:Picture wont take the three rings help .

[Post New]by BobbysRaffles on Jan 23, 13 6:34 PM
Had the same problem. Here's my solution: click on a ring before you click on the picture. This brought up the picture and snapped the ring into place. I had to do this three separate times for each ring. Hope this helps.

I'm now stuck trying to get the blue crystal onto the potion table. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

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