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Todays DD 5 January 2013

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Jan 6, 13 2:50 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD 5 January 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Jan 6, 13 2:35 PM
This is one of my favourite games - a bargain at $2.99 ! For me, the gameplay was different , quite unique. You travel between realms via reflective surfaces, find and hide inventory objects to be retrieved when you return to your realm. Also, I loved the variety of options given for gamelplay.

Options: Basic settings includes full screen or windowed mode. ( No black bars for me, in fullscreen - love that!) There is choice of custom cursor; sound fx, music and dialogue volume control; and on/off for "optimize for slow computer".

Difficulty settings includes a choice for casual, advanced or custom modes of play. I chose custom, and had further options: tutorial on/off; visual help on/off, ingame tips on/off; hint recharge of fast, medium or slow; skip puzzles charge of short, long or off; and hidden object difficulty of casual or advanced.

Casual mode: tutorial, visual help and ingame tips are turned on, hint recharge is set to fast, skip puzzles is set to short, and h.o. difficulty is set to casual.
Advanced mode: tutorial, visual help and ingame tips are turned off, hint recharge is set to slow, puzzles cannot be skipped, and h.o. difficulty is set to advanced.

Game play mode can be changed mid-game. (love that!)

There are 5 chapters.

HOS: There are approx. 16 "find items on list" HOS. It seemed that items in advanced mode were more blended in the scene.

Puzzles: There are approx. 17 simple puzzles. The skip button charges in approx. 30 secs in short mode and approx. 1 min 30 secs in long mode. Puzzles cannot be skipped in advanced mode.

Hints: Hints work outside of Hos. In fast mode, hints recharge in approx. 30 secs. In medium mode, recharge in approx. 1 min, and in slow mode, recharge in approx. 1 min 30secs.

There is no map, but the hint button helps to navigate, and you do not lose your hint when arrow points you in the right direction.

There is a journal with story and clues.

There are voiceovers, but sometimes didn't work for me.

When you have nothing else to do in an area, it is marked "area cleared".

I got at least 4 hours of fun gameplay, changing the difficulty settings as suited my mood at the time.

I highly recommend trying this game.

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