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Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Jan 7, 13 12:34 AM
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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Jan 7, 13 12:34 AM
Hi Fishies,
I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.
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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by Nortank on Jan 7, 13 3:01 AM
Graphics - nothing special
Navigation - no grab-and-drag - just out to the edges
Zoom in/out - not that I could see
Carpal tunnel factor - high! - you have to put out fires by superclicking on the house involved.

I played 25 minutes - exited and deleted the game after the first round to have fires. There are so many similar games on here already with better graphics and game-play.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by Bluecassie37 on Jan 7, 13 3:19 AM
I generally like these games, but this one had a couple of issues for me.

Firstly the tutorial notices had very small print at the game-choice resolution.

Secondly the fires were difficult to spot and deal with. A message told you the city is on fire then you have to click on a bunch of buildings to find those on fire. Then you have to click a lot to put it out and then search for the next building on fire - and so on.
The second time I was clicking on a burning building and it turned to ash anyway I got fed up and deleted the game.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by letsdoit on Jan 7, 13 3:49 AM
FIRE! FIRE! FIRE'S....was that level u need to build a bakery and a woodcutter...So I built both, reminder to build near the forest (woodcutter) ..O.K...I did!...then build the wheat farm, mill, etc...all enclosed by THE ROAD!...but all decided that this was not good enough...duh! ...if the road goes ALL AROUND and to the main road...well! still did not work! ...then try the clicky, clicky, clicky on the other places on fire and well ... If u survive u may be lucky to ENJOY the game!
O! get a 'double duty' magnifying glass!....Sorry just not well done and I have purchased many TMs building games and this is a 'pass on' one!...IMO

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by LadyBlue0321 on Jan 7, 13 4:49 AM
I agree. Small text and kind of fuzzy graphics are going to make this a no buy for me. I must have missed how to put out the fires and so had several buildings burn and couldn't figure out how to remove the charred remains, which made the people unhappy. This could have been a really good game, but no bueno with these faults.

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Orca Whale
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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by cherbtoo on Jan 7, 13 4:55 AM
I absolutely adore building type games although I didn't purchase the first Ancient Rome due to the timer but I have just taken the plunge and purchased this one after playing 7 levels in the hope that I can continue to advance ... mind you I am taking note of Caesar's requests and building the buildings required to fulfil them first just in case LOL.

I had a fire but the prefectures put it out for me and so on the next level I built one next to the woodcutter and another by the bakers just to be on the safe side and all was well .

Using the scroll button on your mouse enables you to zoom in and out of the settlement at will .

So far I have been having fun playing it and it did open on the correct resolution to fill my 24" destop widescreen monitor. I know the graphics aren't in the same league as some of the bigger developers but they are perfectly adequate. I am a bit puzzled about the graphics button though as it didn't make any discernible difference that my eyes could see. I never play these type of games with the music on so I can't comment on that.

I'm off to play a bit more so if I think/come across anything else I will add it to this post later.


ETA ... I just let a building burn to see how to remove it and you use the red circle with a slash through it that is under the road building button.

ETA2 ... 12 Levels played and I am loving it and enjoying the freedom of building what I want where I want ... I really really hope that there is a sandbox level where we can just have fun and build a large town and untilise all the map instead of just a small part of it.

ETA3 ... More games like this please

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by chiari_survivor on Jan 7, 13 5:18 AM
Ancient Rome #2, I have never played #1 so can not compare the two.
Requires 1024RAM 154 Hard Drive, Available for Mac&PC.
Slots for 7 players
Options: sliders for music, sounds, Music is a choir, too repeticious, to me it did not seem to fit the game, but can be turned down/ off
Boxes to check /uncheck to turn off all sounds except nature, Full screen, Screen resolution choice 800X600 to 1360X768.
30 Levels
Each beginning level taught you the basics, Instructions were given in a box but for the size of the box the lettering is tiny, since the box is lg the font size was a real frustration because the space was available & my vision is good close up, but even I needed to bring the lap top closer. I imagine there will be players that need to bring out the magnifying glass. The lettering is not just a problem during, instructions but once a building is built, for instance a cluster of 4 tents you must click on the cluster to find out what other services need to be close for a home to use...from wells, wheat, medical services & markets. One area I found missing in the instructions were details like how close does a well need to be, or how often to you place a market. When building the various buildings do you have to have a road completely surround it or just on 1 side? This answer seemed to change as they started one level with 4 groups of homes together in a square so each section had 2 sides with roadway available but when I placed a single set of 4 tents close to a section of water, road was on 3 sides the program had red sq under it until you found an appropriate location then turned green but when I placed it there the program kept telling me that the homes needed additional services. I finally had to delete/move.
Level goals are in upper Rt H corner. Ex 3 Homes to a level 4 but does not explain what makes it a level 4. Click house & read tiny lettering of what it needs.

When level is completed your screen states "ANOTHER THRIVING CITY OF THE ROMAN EMPRIRE IS HERE THANKS TO YOU!" then another screen loads where you create a villa one part of a task at a time. You can choose the order to complete but no choice of different items. Nothing unusual/exciting about the space. Villa-25 levels, servants-10, Gazebo-5, Fountain-10, Stable-10, Fence-10, Garden-6.

Then came fires, a lot of fires to click fast to put out, hopefully. People too tiny to see details. Unknown meaning of symbols in tho

World of Zellions was better in my opinion.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by sartasia on Jan 7, 13 6:31 PM
Wow...a trip down memory lane.
Absolutely love this!! I was fan long ago of the sim building games Caesar/ Zeus/ Poseidon etc. distributed by a "desert named company" that no longer exists. With the exception of the music this is a simplified casual game version of the original Caesar right down to the "brigands". Build a roman city with homes, hospitals, markets, farms, barracks ..etc. 30 levels of gradually increasing difficulty and no timer. You can even decide if you want to end a level or just continue building. As to the options you can turn it off and retain all the other sound effects. Personally I would recommend this completely if you remember fondly the games I mentioned.

Happy Gaming

Edited to buy a vowel.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by dmontgo on Jan 7, 13 6:59 PM
Sartasia...I am glad I am not the only one who remembered the old game. Because of the fuzzy graphics etc... it really makes me think that somehow they just took the old game and made it compatible with today's computer systems.

As for my is a good game. Not great due to the fuzzy/small graphics/text. I did purchase it and am enjoying it. It seems like a great candidate for a "remodel" and make the game better and more able to take advantage of computer systems of today. I wish there were some parts that I could speed the trading. The wagons take forever sometimes when you are in need of more money.

Overall, a cute, low stress (although the clicking on some of the fires is a pain) game.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by lovemybook on Jan 7, 13 7:14 PM
I have to say, I played the first AR and loved it. This one, not so much. The first played almost a little like the Roads games or even the build a lot games - the emphasis was on chaining strategies to get a certain finished product, and there was no superclicking or such. The map built totally differently. It just seemed to have much more clarity as a game. It was timed - my goal is always to get the gold time. You had to buy stone, wood, and workers and come up with a certain amount of product or developed buildings that you paid for and built yourself. Build a Lot or the Pyramid Rising games come to mind.

This is more a sim game. You build a few buildings and hope they don't burn down and that they suddenly will jump to the level you want. I gave this one the hour try, and between clicking fires, messy graphics and unclear directions I decided that for me it was an inferior game compared to the first (barring the bad English in the first.) I mean, save me from being concerned if the road is running by the right side of the building to hit the door.

This is a no buy for me. Very different game from the first, which I liked a lot. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by trish999 on Jan 8, 13 1:04 AM
I have to say I really like this game. It starts off a little slow but as you get into the game it really does get challenging. I don't understand the negativity here, this game is wonderful. It will take a while to complete because the upper levels take 30 minutes+ to complete. You do have an occasional fire to put out but most of them are put out automatically as long as you have the firehouse built close to your buildings. I have been playing for hours and still have a long way to go. It is very addictive once you get going. Happy gaming everyone!!

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Jan 8, 13 5:05 AM
YUCKS! the graphics is just horrid, and the color seems so wash out. Its difficult to even judge where are the roads, what I meant was there was a road, and I build buildings next to each other, thinking that since they are next door they can share ONE road. WRONG, it seems like sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt, eg, when I placed 4 farms each to one another and build a road in front of them that leads to warehouse. The game still told me that 2 of the farms had no roads to the warehouse! Frustrating and horrid.

Use your free stamps in other games, sorry guys, pass and do not collect this game at all!


Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by StealthBunny on Jan 11, 13 6:45 AM
Well, I do say that I like this one MUCH better than the first. Here's what I'd love to see improvements on:

1. Tutorial wording font larger. I have to squint to see it.

2. Fires. I can't tell which building is burning. The smoke wafts over other buildings and it's hard to see where it is originating, especially if it is from a building that generates smoke during manufacturing anyway. When I click, if it isn't one on fire, it brings up that building's menu, and by the time I click out of that, the fire has spread. If we could tell by hovering over the building (like when the name of the building comes up) if it is on fire or not, that would help greatly!)

3. Having to start each level from scratch is tedious. And long.

4. A "help" menu would be great. For example, I know there was a tip in a tutorial about how to turn off the factories, but I can't remember how to do it and there's no way to look that up.


Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by Tutin_Karman on Jan 11, 13 3:16 PM
So-so game but totally spoilt by the fires. All they do is annoy. No skill required to extinguish them they just become tiresome after a time. No timer so how can it be classed as time management. All levels are achievable as long as your mouse does not die through all the clinking needed to put out the pesky fires.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by emeraldorchid on Jan 11, 13 4:45 PM
I liked this game alot. No timer means more enjoyable to me. Fires can be a problem but just make sure you have several prefecture bldgs and they are manageable. (i didn't know about the clicking on the fire to put it out, but then the instructions were not very good).
What i did find was that you needed to build up an army before anything else because you are attacked almost immediately and unless you have an army, they will burn the buildings down, possibly before the prefecture can get there. (like i said i did not know about the clicking).
I got to level 29 without a problem really and then it hit. I completed all tasks and was waiting for my army to reach 50 so as to satisfy the rome requirement to send them, and never could. Every time the count got to 35 I was attacked and lost about 20 men. I waited 30 mins, building and loosing men... to no effect. It was a total stalemate.This, needless to say, was very annoying and i left the game without achieving the level. The only thing i can think of is one must build barracks and trading posts first, farm trees to sell and build up the army first (there are less to kill in the beginning) and after submitting the quota to Rome, then continue the game. You have to buy the ore too by the way.
Anyway, generally i did like the game enough to be ok to recommend it to buy, but it does need a little tweeking. If you are a patient person it was fun.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by 1941grandma on Jan 13, 13 11:52 AM
I really like this game, I would like it more with a few adjustments:

A "save" feature - the later levels can take a couple of hours, at least, to complete

A map - so that I could plan the town better and see where I am in relation to other parts of the map

A "help" menu that would cover each feature properly

There are probably other things which I can't think of for the moment

The "Westward" series got it right so why can't others?

Still, as I said at the start - I do like the game


Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by Tutin_Karman on Jan 14, 13 9:27 AM
Thanks to emeraldorchid I sorted out my 'fire' problem by adding plenty of prefectures (about 1 for every 10 city or production buildings).

Agree that you need barracks asap, particularly as you get to the higher levels. One thing that might help is that by deleting sections of road either side of brigands you can contain them. This makes it easier to put out the fires that they start. You can actually delete the brigands by the same method but that would be cheating!!! Oh and don't forget to repair the road if you use this method.

Agree with 1941grandma that the game really needs a "save" feature and a "map" would be helpful and make the building more interesting.

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Re:Reviews for Ancient Rome 2

[Post New]by bertiepuppy on Jan 25, 13 2:50 PM
I have played the gave through now about 3 times and find the 'no save' and the 'fires' very annoying.

Solved the 'fires' problem by making sure that every third building is a prefecture. Then I don't ever worry about fires.

The 'no save' means that I have to leave the computer on while I do other things as I can't save - most annoying.

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the more I played, the more I enjoyed!

[Post New]by emerance on Jan 29, 13 6:43 PM
OK - first up - I didn't like the brigands and fires, either. But once you figure out that you need prefectures every 3 or 4 houses, you're OK. Also, I've found in the higher levels that 25 soldiers can get rid of brigands fairly quickly.
what I love about this version is no timer, building on each level, and figuring out the best strategy. This is NO DOUBT a strategy game, and should be classified as such.

I've spent a couple of hours on each level until I reached the goals. Here's what I've found so far (to make things as easy as possible):

- Build a trade house as soon as you are producing goods, because that will bring in the money a lot faster

- Build a prefecture for every 5-6 buildings you create. That will make it much easier to get fires out (they will take of them for you)

- Don't build all of the houses you need immediately; wait until you've got the others to level 5 or 6. that way you can get the correct production set early on and add when you're already making more money (through trading and taxes)

- Start producing swords as soon as you can. they are very highly priced for trading, and you'll need them for the barracks

- Build the barracks once you've starting producing swords; 10 soldiers works on early levels - up to 25-30 needed later in the game

Please hang in there! This game is worth the $$$ for the amount of play you get - you just need to view this as a major challenge and put aside a couple of hours!

Happy Gaming, Fishies!!!

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