bottle of wine

[Post New]by VeggieCoral on Jan 9, 13 10:57 AM
I cant find this bottle of wine for my grama, Its the first quest this game. This game is tough, in the sense that theres no quest log, and no hints thoughout the game.
Can anyone help me? I really dont know what to do other than wander around, deliver mail, and fight monsters.

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Re:bottle of wine

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Jan 9, 13 1:29 PM
Nothing about this game makes sense. I slipped onto a ship, left the island, was thrown in prison, met Markus,ecsaped prison, only to sneak onto another ship & end up almost where the story started. I still haven't found the wine. I've checked crates & tried to pick up every bottle that I've seen but can't pick them up.

I only have 1 hour 26 minutes game time & 2 cahracters each level 5. The manufacturer says it's 4 to 6 hours long.

Maybe, I'll get it at the end to bring home & celebrate.

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Re:bottle of wine

[Post New]by Shitzadorina on Jan 10, 13 4:01 AM
Later in the game the grandma mentions someone helping her to finally get that bottle, so my suspicions is we can't get it, as we get so many other things to do. But yes, hints or a quest log could help a lot in this game.

And the reason I guess we need to go find that bottle is to force us out of the house and into the game itself, but I don't know, and I've been playing for approx. 3h.

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Re:bottle of wine

[Post New]by kayette on Jan 12, 13 8:54 AM
Grandma's just a wino! Seriously, you don't need to worry about finding her a bottle of wine. Pay attention to what the old man says about noises under his house. That's the first quest! The important thing about this game is to pay attention to clues people say when you 'talk' to them and remembering where to find key people later on. There are all sorts of 'side quests' to make money and learn about the main quest. I like the fact that it's not straightforward at all!

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Re:bottle of wine

[Post New]by seatemple on Jul 27, 14 10:21 AM
once you go home with Marcus, wake up, go downstairs, Grandma will tell you that Marcus has already given her the don't need to do a thing!

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