Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

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I've been checking this forum and the reviews, and I get a feeling a lot of people quit this game very early on, saying it is too difficult or too obscure. While I do agree there are many weird and vague parts of this game, I thought I could post some tips and some walkthrough parts (not spoiling the game however, but just to get you started since the game itself doesn't say much).

Since I have been playing this game last eve for 3h, I though I could post some of my observations to make this game somehow easier, as there are ways to do this, but not too easily found.

Controls for this game are basic, arrows to walk, space to talk and interact and ESC to the menu. I noticed (in my game, PC Windows 7) that Z works as well as Space and X works for the meny part, which makes the controls easier to me.

A short walkthrough:

You start as Will, a rebelious teen living with his grandmother. Through magic by a witch Will gets changed into a girl, and hell quite literally, breaks loose.

First mission as of the game is to find a bottle of wine. My observations are however that this is more of a hint to go outside the house than to find the bottle itself. Don't despair if you can't find it, you have more important things ahead.

You shortly get to talk to an old man with problems, his house has weird sounds in it. This is the actual first mission. Go down the hole, go right (to activate him getting the rope for you). Depending how much of a daredevil you are, fight opponents or not, but remember at this point you can't get any equipment, so sometimes it is better to flee. The enemies down here are quite the challenge for a beginner, thankfully you do have a bed at your house.

Both paths lead to you real opponent. To get to him, follow one or the other path down. You should find him on the other side of a cliff. The game doesn't explain, but you can jump over, if you stand on a vagually hinted spot on one side of the cliff.

This boss battle is easier than most of the enemies you face (as he doesn't hit as hard as some of the other enemies). Take him down, and continue back to finish your mission.

get your reward, exit the house and watch the "cutscene" unfold.

Once you can return to your character, exit the house, buy some food and head out. There are literally smaller missions to do in all the villages and towns (seen as buildings on the big map), but the storyline continues if you enter the port (left side by the ships).


Re:Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

[Post New]by Shitzadorina on Jan 10, 13 6:05 AM
Don't go there yet, as those battles will be ridiculously hard.

There are 3 towns and 1 tower to enter. I'm going to go through the towns for you: There are a number of different kinds of shops:

Inn... allows rest.
Pubs... sometimes offer jobs (posted on notes) and sells food.
Sword: Armour and weapons
Shoe: Accessories
Coin: something useful perhaps, but I still haven't figured out what.

Talk to NPCs since they sometimes have good things to say.

Old docks, the far right corner of the continent. The main area of interest for those who seek to make the gameplay VERY easy is one of the big houses. The man here needs help to construct wooden things. Take the other side of the table, walk down to the wood, take one and craft it on the table. You can continue doing this for 5 gold each time. This is a limitless money generating process and since most items aren't that expensive this is faster than trying to beat bandits on the big map.

Gryvan: this town doesn't have many areas of interest, but the weapon shop has SUPERB weapons for an early game. If you have the energy to, you can generate 1500 gold for a weapon to last you for hours of ridiculously easy gameplay.

Harport: I am fairly sure the makers of this game intended this to be the main centre of attention to weapon and armour, but I noticed it a little late. Anyway, since Gryvan doesn't offer armour, buy your armour here.

Once you stack up (and level up, which will be very easy if you have some of the better weapons), go to the ship. Notice you canno't board the ship or work for them, so go to the right crate and hide in it.

A long cutscene follows. You will be among the cargo, but you cannot exit the door. Once the cargo room floods you can 1, continue looking through the door and battle soldiers (a fairly quick way to level up if you have got a good sword), or 2, jump down into the water, which continues the storyline.

At the next battle: YOU WILL LOOSE, whatever you do, just to get thrown in jail.

I hope this clears out the first few sequences of the gameplay. IMPORTANT: read what people says in conversations, as there are no quest logs. In one way it is a good thing to make your own quest log by the side.

If there are any questions feel free to ask, though since I didn't make the game I cannot answer all of them.

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Re:Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

[Post New]by Katamaria on Jan 10, 13 6:31 PM
thank you for your time, was very helpful

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Re:Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

[Post New]by kayette on Jan 12, 13 9:12 AM
You really don't have to have a weapon to start with if your Focus isn't depleted because even at the start it gives you two attacks per turn! After the first quest I figured getting a weapon using the money I earned might be wise. One of the people in the village tells you that weapons are available in the town to the north. You can buy the cheapest weapons and armor there and do better against the bandits and thieves that pop up. Earn money by delivering mail between the town in the middle of the first land and the port town and get a shield or helmet.
Regarding the old man and the house, at first I didn't realize you could follow that odd creature you see running away because it looks like there isn't a bridge. Then when I got tired of delivering mail and building benches, I went back to the house and walked all the way to the gap and found out it's very simple to get across!

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Re:Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

[Post New]by Mamayaya on Jan 16, 13 11:41 AM
I found out that, if you leave the town and get enough money to build a cheap sword & shield, you stand a better chance of enjoying the game. If you complete the first quest with no money, the weapons shop in Serene Town closes and you have to earn a lot more money to buy equipment. Save your game after every fight because if you meet the assassin before you have skills & equipment, you're dead, dead, dead.

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Re:Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

[Post New]by kayette on Jan 19, 13 10:06 AM
Oddly, at the start of the game when I meet the assassins so far they always run away! I have always been able to escape random enemies at the start as well! I have also found that before you get turned into a girl and until the owner says he is 'sold out', you can go to the weapons shop in Will's hometown and buy basic weapons and armor at least once. It is possible to earn coin by running mail errands and building benches until you have between $100 and $250 to spend. I wouldn't waste time trying to earn enough coin that way to buy the more expensive weapons and armor, you really do not need them and if you look around you can find some useful weapons and armor. Take time to fully explore all areas and listen to hints.

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Re:Getting started- a few tips to an easier gameplay

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thank you

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