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[Post New]by golddigger44 on Jan 10, 13 12:21 PM
how do you change the railway path for the cart to move forward to the mine?

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[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jan 10, 13 3:20 PM
Hi golddigger44,

I checked the walkthrough we have for this game, and this what it says about how to use the cart to enter the mine:

- Walk down to the mine area.
- Look at the track and lay down the PLANKS.
- Use the RAILWAY SPIKES on the planks.
- Use the SLEDGE HAMMER on each of the 6 spikes.
- Look at the cart and use the GASOLINE on the fuel tank.
- Click on the power lever in front of the seat.
- Enter the mine.

It looks like you'll find the planks in the rubbish bin on the left of the mine area, and the spikes will be added to your Inventory after doing a hidden object scene in Bank deposit boxes.

If you'd like to check out the full walkthrough and see how that should go, just follow the link below:

Cursed Memories: The Secret of Agony Creek Walkthrough

Hope that helps!



Re:railway path

[Post New]by Arizona63Tucson on Oct 22, 13 7:58 PM
Hi ! You will also need to insert the electric switch into the track switch station . That is the yellow building at the back and on the right side of the screen . place the switch in the slot on the right side of the panel

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