level 28

[Post New]by NDSeamstress on Jan 10, 13 2:03 PM
I am having problems with getting to 3 stars. I seem to just miss, and am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I do love the game, it is fun to play, thank you.

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by ricoblade on Jan 11, 13 3:00 AM
Hi - I think the trick to this level is not to upgrade buildings too far at the expense of clearing the paths so I only ever upgraded the Camp, Farm and Gold Mine to 2* and didn't use all the Stone in the 2nd Mine. I always used the Freeze Time bonus and collected the Stump Resources.

- Upgrade the Camp
- Build the Exorcist's Hut
- Clear the 1st Ghost
- Clear the 2nd Ghost
- Build the Farm
- Clear the 3rd Ghost
- Feed the White Wolf
- Build the Mine and get all the Stone from it
- Build the Gold Mine
- Feed the White Wolf
- Upgrade the Farm
- Clear the 4th Ghost
- Upgrade the Gold Mine
- Feed the White Wolf
- Clear the 5th Ghost
- Build the Mine and get enough Stone to build the 2 Bridges and clear the paths
- Clear the 6th Ghost
- Build the left Bridge
- Clear the 7th Ghost
- Build the Middle Bridge
- Clear the 2 Huge Rocks

Hope that helps!


Re:level 28

[Post New]by NDSeamstress on Jan 13, 13 9:40 AM
Thank you for the help. You were right I was trying to upgrade to much.

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