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[Post New]by 62seeker on Jan 10, 13 4:57 PM
Can anyone help me figure out why I cannot get all of my objects completed inside of the fortune-tellers tent? I need to complete the Scoop, the Bow, and the Pillow, but each one is lacking a piece or two and I cannot get any more pieces to pop up. Do I need to contact BigFish?

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[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jan 14, 13 4:43 PM
Hi 62seeker,

I checked our Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light Walkthrough, and I found a really great screenshot that shows where all the pieces are to those objects. You can check it out by clicking right here (you can also go to the full walkthrough by clicking the other blue text above). This is how the walkthrough indicates the parts of those objects:
- The items are highlighted in the following colors in the screenshot:The scoop pieces are in yellow.
- The dagger pieces are in red.
- The pillow pieces are in green.
- The bow pieces are in light blue.
- The blade (paddle) pieces are in lavender.
- The blue gem is on the lower right side of the scene, on top of the blue pillow.
- The purple gem is on the top right side of the scene, on the red tassel.
- Pick up all the pieces highlighted in the screenshot.

Hope that helps!


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