Mini Puzzles

[Post New]by Nancharra on Jan 11, 13 4:50 PM
My fun with in this game has come to a grinding halt. I simply cannot do the dropping gems game. It is too fast for me. I quite happily did the search mini games. The button at the top right says ' skip game' - but does not work, and I cannot carry on. Please can someone advise how to bypass this mini game and continue on - I hope I have not bought the game only to be stopped at level 7!


Re:Mini Puzzles

[Post New]by shellshell3030 on Jan 15, 13 4:23 PM
I had the same issue and I can't stand inlay puzzles, lol. The skip puzzle button takes a while to load. Just keep the pieces from piling up by using the hammer smasher til the button loads. works for me, anyway.


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[Post New]by gauthier2022 on Jun 24, 13 12:02 PM
Silly mini games. Why do the developers put in a quick and valid skip. Having trouble with mini games ensure a no buy customer.

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Re:Mini Puzzles

[Post New]by KIW0612 on Oct 29, 13 8:05 PM
Unless you already bought the game before you realize how annoying the mini games are. ESPECIALLY when you replay the game several times. I have the HO items totally memorized by now.

At least my SKIP button works for the other mini games.

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