[Post New]by tinapruitt on Jan 12, 13 10:03 PM
My husband and I both really like this game it's fun and very addictive. I just started playing not long ago and caught on quickly since he has been playing it for quite sometime now and was able to give me tips and all however he is on level 64 and we have both been trying for days to pass that level. We know which ways to go and all that but it just seems that there isn't enough time to get through the level is there anyone who can give me some tips or tell me if there is some secret or hidden way to go or if there is some way the time can be slowed down so we can get passed the last level? We really like playing it but we always run out of time at the same place every time. We have played for hours at a time trying to get through it but have not been successful. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. please don't just tell me to keep trying lol because we have been and are determined to pass it somehow just wondering if anyone had any helpful advice or secrets. Thanks a bunch hope someone has some helpful tips.

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