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A bit of missing text: Journal page in Nemrut

[Post New]by GMMan_BZFlag on Jan 12, 13 11:34 PM
I'm not sure if everyone experienced this, but I found parts of the journal page when you first go into Nemrut is missing. Looks like the contents didn't quite fit the page and got bumped off. Here is the rest of the page:

April 15, 2010
A stranger came to our camp today and asked to see the lead archeologist. I don't know what they were talking about, but when he left Richardson slipped into a coma. With him in the hospital, all excavation work has been suspended…

(Note: I've been redoing the translation for the game, so the above is slightly modified from the original text, but retains identical meaning.)

Gameplay hint: Read the information that are presented during flights. Sure, it's not the best way to present things, but they are actually useful and form an important part of the plot. Just don't take everything at face value, as some "history" is fitted to the game's plot and therefore inaccurate.

Additionally, an information page was never displayed automatically. Make sure to go into the smartphone, click Information, and pick Room to read it.

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