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Charcoal traced paper cannot be accepted in portfolio book :(

[Post New]by anyablue on Jan 13, 13 10:36 AM
I have traced the patterns on the ground in the secret basement path with a blank paper and the charcoal crayon. But when I tried to put the sheet in the portfolio booklet to encode the number clues paper King Francois gave me, it does not take in... I have the traced paper patterns on it and now is in my inventory, but it is saying that the it is a uncompleted sheet, or something... Do I need to do additional something on the sheet in order to compile it in the booklet? I'd truly appreciate your kind helps! Thanks in advance!!

PS: I unfortunately did not trace it before meeting the king: I went back there (basement) after being given the sheets from the king -- would you think this caused the glitch?


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