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walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by john_murray2 on Jan 18, 13 8:25 AM
I'm looking for a walk-through for this game can someone tell me where it would be ?

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Re:walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jan 29, 13 1:36 PM
Hi john_murray2,

It looks like we haven't created a walkthrough for this game, but there is a full strategy guide available. You can check it out by following the link below:

Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief Strategy Guide


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Re:walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by underwriter on Feb 28, 13 9:06 AM
This is kind of lame but may help:

General Tips
Chapter 1 - Main Street
Chapter 2 - The Puppet Shop
Chapter 3 - The Graveyard
Chapter 4 - Through the Trapdoor
Chapter 4 - The Puppet Thief’s Lair

General Tips
· This walkthrough is meant to be used as a guide to assist in solving mini-puzzles and acquiring all items in order to complete the game. You may explore locations in the order you wish, this walkthrough is written to take the most direct route to the game’s finish.
· Inventory objects will be written in CAPITALS and highlighted in yellow in the screenshots. The walkthrough will state, “Use the inventory item on the blah blah,” because it assumes you have the item. If you don’t have the item, on your keyboard, press CTRL+F (at the same time). In the text box, type the name of the item you are looking for and press ENTER. This will scan this page for the appearance of that word.
· Play the tutorial! It will explain gameplay elements. The tutorial is available in two difficulty modes.
· Often you need to perform an action (i.e., place or collect an inventory item) in order for the game to progress. Before assuming the game has a glitch, go through your inventory and see if you can place any of your items anywhere or look for an item to pick up, switch to flip, etc.
· The Menu button at the bottom left of the screen gives access to the options screen and can bring you back to the main menu.
· Items collected throughout the game go into your inventory, located at the bottom of your screen.
· Closing a window – To close the zoom-in windows, click Close. Tip: If you can zoom in on the area again, you likely haven’t found everything you needed to find.

Difficulty Modes
· There are three difficulty modes.
· Casual mode has faster filling Hint and Skip meters, and sparkles (actually more like a mist) for active areas.
· Advanced mode has slower filling Hint and Skip meters, and no sparkles for active areas.
· Custom mode allows you to select longer waits for hints and eliminate skipping completely, or one or the other but not both, and you can choose the tutorial or hide it, and choose sparkles or no sparkles.
· The tutorial is offered in Casual and Custom modes, but not in advanced.
· You CAN change the difficulty setting during the game.

· The default cursor looks like an arrow.
· A magnifying glass indicates you can inspect the area more closely or perform an action.

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Re:walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by underwriter on Feb 28, 13 9:08 AM
· A grabbing hand indicates you can pick up an item to add to your inventory.
· A pulsing arrow indicates you can move in that direction.
· Move your cursor over every aspect of a scene and watch for it to change, it’s the only way to find everything, especially if playing in Advanced or Custom mode.

Chapter 1 - Main Street

Click on the statue hand (A) to receive your journal.
Click on the mob ( for a cutscene.
Click on the Silver Magician (C) to speak with him.
Click on the box (D) to pick up a ROPE.
Click on the barrel (E). Use the ROPE on the hook to receive the GRAPPLING HOOK.
Go left to the Magic Shop.

Click on the misted area for a HOS (F). The items are randomized, but you will receive the MAGIC WAND.

Click on the curtained cabinet on the right (G). You will need a key.
Click on the trunk on the ceiling (H). Take it with the grappling hook.

Open it with the MAGIC WAND. Take the SCALES.
There is a commotion outside. Exit to see that the crowd blew up the cart.

Take the LADDER (I).
Click on the box (J) and note that fire is available.
Now that the mob is gone you can go through the arch on the right.

Note the kerosene (K). You can spill it now, but can’t use it yet.
Use the LADDER over the gap (L) and move forward.

Click on the “?” (M) for a cutscene. The man will lock the gate and disappear.
Pick up the TORCH STICK (N). Note the Armature ; you’ll need a tool.
Put the SCALES in the statue’s hand (P). Pick up the MOON KEY from the box which opens at her base (Q).

Return to the Magic Shop (back 2, left 1).
Talk with the Silver Magician. He tells you to take anything you need.
Use the MOON KEY on the curtained cabinet (G above). Take the STAR KEY.
Pick up the magician’s daughter’s picture from the floor for the journal.
Play the second dressing table HOS (F above) You will receive the PLIERS.

Go back to the gate (back 1, forward 2).
Use the PLIERS on the armature and take the BENT DOOR HANDLE.
Use the STAR KEY on the gate for a minigame.
Exchange tiles to get a finished picture of a star with scrolls. The center tile is already correct. The exchanged tiles do not have to be adjacent. When finished, it disappears too fast to print. Go through the gate for another cutscene.

After the cutscene, pick up the STONE . You can look at the rat (S) but you can’t deal with him right now. Pick up the CHISEL (t). You can go right (T) to the tavern, but will probably want to go left (U) to follow the man.


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Re:walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by underwriter on Feb 28, 13 9:09 AM
Try to go through the gate. A cutscene will show you the magician’s daughter being abducted. A cart will roll in and break a wheel (V).
Look at the guard house door (W); you will need a key.
Pick up the telegram from the fountain for your journal . Even the Grimm Brothers are nervous now!
Look at the fountain pedestal to learn a plate is missing (Y).
Zoom in on the crow (Z) and throw the STONE so he will drop the YELLOW DISC.
Play the HOS (A) in the fountain. You will receive a BLUE DISC.
Back up and go right to the tavern.

Talk to the Silver Magician. After he leaves, note that a light over the counter is out ( .
Zoom in to the table (C), pick up the newspaper for your journal and the RAG.
Look at the dart board (D) and note the symbols associated with the segments the darts are in.
Look at the door (E) and note the same symbols appear around where the discs go. You can put in the blue and yellow discs, but you still need the red one. Back out, then back up 3 times.

Zoom in on the kerosene (K above). If you haven’t already spilled it, do so now. Put the RAG on the kerosene. Use the TORCH STICK to pick up the RAG to make a TORCH.
Back up once more and zoom in on the burning box (J above). Apply the TORCH and get the LIT TORCH.
Return to the tavern and light the light over the counter (B above) with the LIT TORCH. Now you can see a HOS behind the counter. Play it for the RED DISC.
Return to the back door (E) and place all the discs for a minigame. Solution:

Enter the stable. Pick up the HAMMER (F).
There appears to be someone in the loft (G), but you can’t reach the ladder (H).
Plat the HOS (I). You will receive the MAILBOX KEY.
Go through the door into the forge.

Pick up the SHEEP HOOK (J).
Zoom into the boxes on the right (K). You can open all, but the KNIFE you need is in the lower left one.
Zoom into the wheel (L) and pick up the CART WHEEL NUT.
Zoom into the rafter on the left (M)l use the CHISEL and the HAMMER to remove the FOUNTAIN PLATE.
Note that the forge is available (N).
Back up into the stables.

Use the SHEEP HOOK to pull down the ladder. After the cut scene, use the KNIFE to open the scarecrow’s clothes and take the MEDALLION.
Back up twice and go left.
Put the FOUNTAIN PLATE on the fountain. Play the HOS in the fountain. You will receive the WRENCH.

Chapter 2 - The Puppet Shop

Zoom into the gate. Use the CART WHEEL NUT on the cart wheel. Use the wrench to tighten it. Go forward.


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Re:walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by underwriter on Feb 28, 13 9:11 AM
Zoom in to the steps and pick up the PAINTING RING.
Zoom in on the question mark (P) to see a puppet child.
Approach the house with the mailbox (Q). Use the MAILBOX KEY (zoom in) to receive the second PAINTING RING.
Zoom into the door. You can put in the MEDALLION you found in the scarecrow, but you won’t be able to play the minigame until you reforge the BENT DOOR HANDLE in your inventory. For now back out (twice) and go to the Puppet Shop .

After the cutscene, look at the scissors on the shelf (S). You need a key.
Look at the cuckoo clock (T). It needs another cuckoo.
Pick up the telegram (U). Uh oh - not good news. It goes to your journal.
Play the HOS (V). You will receive the FORGE BELLOWS.
Back up 3 times, go right to the tavern, and ahead twice.
Zoom into the forge, put in the bent door handle, and use the FORGE BELLOWS. Take it out (you don’t need a glove or tongs) and put it on the anvil. Use the HAMMER to re-shape it. You now have the DOOR HANDLE.
Back up 3 times, go left to the fountain, through the arch, and forward to the house with the mailbox.
Attach the DOOR HANDLE to the door and play the minigame. Solution:

Enter the house.

Take the poster for your journal (W).
Play the HOS . You will receive CHEESE.
There is a minigame on the right hand door (Y) but you need a marble for it.

Go back four times, zoom into the rat and give it the CHEESE. It will run away.
Open the barrel to receive the LENS.

Go back to the house with the mailbox (left, through the arch, to the door, and in).
Go upstairs.

Play the HOS (Z). You will receive the TOP OF LION’S HEAD.
Use the LENS on the telescope (A). This will focus a moonbeam and send you a telegram. Pick up the telegram ( . Pick up the GEM from the end of the moonbeam (C).

Back up 3 times and return to the Puppet Shop.
Zoom in to the scissors (S above) and use the GEM as a key for a minigame.
Press the control buttons this way: bottom left, bottom right, top right, left middle.

Use the MAGIC SCISSORS to cut down the good puppeteer.

After the cutscene, pick up the blue crystal (D).
Zoom into the minigame on the wall (E): a piece is missing.
Play the HOS (F); you will receive the CRANK.

Back out of the Puppet Shop. After the cutscene, go into the house with the mailbox and play the new HOS. You will receive the CUCKOO BIRD.

Return to Puppet Shop and put CUCKOO BIRD into clock (T above). You will receive a MARBLE.


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Re:walkthrough for fairy tale mysteries

[Post New]by underwriter on Feb 28, 13 9:12 AM
Return to house with mailbox. Zoom in on the door on the right of the room. Add the MARBLE to the door for a minigame. Solution:

Enter the next room.

Click on the telegram (G).
Click on the sofa dust cover (H), zoom in, move the cushion, retrieve the DESK KEY from behind it.
Click on the box (I), use the crank, receive the PUPPETEER’S TILE.
Play the HOS (J) and receive the PULLEY.
Use the two PAINTING RINGS on the painting (K). You still need the center piece.

Return to the Puppet Shop and zoom into the tile minigame on the wall (E above). Use the PUPPETEER’S TILE and play the minigame. Solution:

Enter the new area.

Click on the corkboard (L). Collect the instructions for the journal, then the center PAINTING RING.
Click on the upper hot spot on the desk (M). Use the DESK KEY to open the drawer. Take the BOTTOM OF LION’S HEAD.
Click on the lower hot spot (N) and remove the carpet to see a magically sealed door.
Click on the stove . Open the door. You need a better oven mitt.

Return to the house with the mailbox. Go to the second room, Use the last PAINTING RING and complete the painting. Receive the second FOUNTAIN PLATE.

Back up 4 times to the fountain area.
Use the FOUNTAIN PLATE on the fountain.

Chapter 3 - The Graveyard

Zoom in to the guard shack. Use the TOP OF LION’S HEAD and the BOTTOM OF LION’S HEAD on the lock. Enter the passage.

After the cutscene, take the CHAIN (P).
Click on the question mark on the water (Q). You need to drain it.
Zoom in to the boarded up door . You need to remove the boards.
Proceed into the tunnel (S).

Use the PULLEY on the hook (T). Use the CHAIN on the PULLEY. The chain will wrap around the crate (U).
Pull the chain to move the crate. Enter the new room.

Play the HOS (V). You will receive the COAL.
Open up your journal to the valve code. Click on the valves in the order specified in the code. Go back twice.

Play the HOS in the tank where the water used to be (Q above). You will receive the SLEDGEHAMMER.
Zoom in on the boarded up door and use the SLEDGEHAMMER (twice) to take out the boards.
Enter the graveyard.

Pick up the telegram (W).
Zoom in on the lamp , which needs oil.
Zoom in on the statue hand (Y). It used to have a ring..
Play the HOS (Z). You will receive the OVEN MITT.

Return to the back room of the Puppet Shop. Use the OVEN MITT to take the METAL SKULL out of the stove.

Return to the first room in the passage. Play the new HOS in the now-drained water tank. You will receive a SUN EMBLEM.

Return to the graveyard and enter the crypt at A.

Zoom in on the casket ( to find it is locked.
Zoom in on the bone wall (C) and use the METAL SKULL. The door will open with magic.
Zoom in on the rose-window medallion over the door (D) and use the SUN EMBLEM. You will receive the third FOUNTAIN PLATE.
Go through the magically opened door.

Talk to the caged victim (E) for a cutscene.
Play the HOS (F). You will receive the CASKET KEY.

Back up once and use the CASKET KEY on the casket to receive the POTION BOOK.
Go forward once .

Zoom in to potion table (G) and use POTION BOOK and the BLUE CRYSTAL.

Follow the self explanatory directions to create the POTION.
Give the POTION to the caged victim.

Go back twice to the graveyard.
Click on a Grimm brother to see a cutscene.
Play HOS. You will receive LAMP OIL.
Use LAMP OIL on lamp (X above).
Take BUCKET OF DIRT (directly below lamp).

Return to potion room through crypt.
Use BUCKET OF DIRT on the fire.
Zoom into fireplace and take STATUE RING.

Return to graveyard and use STATUE RING on statue (Y above).
Zoom into newly opened grave and take TRAPDOOR EMBLEM.

Chapter 4 - Through the Trapdoor

Return to Puppet Shop (back 2, through arch, shop on right) back room (forward one from main room).
Use TRAPDOOR EMBLEM on trap door and enter.

Zoom into metal box (H).
Open and flip switch. The power will go out. Back out of electrical box.
Play HOS on right shelves (J). You will receive the SCREWDRIVER.
Back to the electrical box and use the SCREWDRIVER. The panel will come off for a minigame.

The bars to the stairs will open. Go up.

Look at any or all of lever boxes (K). None of the levers will move.
Look at the clock (L). It is missing its hands and its pendulum.
Play the HOS (M). You will receive the STEAM ROOM KEY.

Go back once. Use the STEAM ROOM KEY on the steam room door (I).
Go into the steam room.

Pick up telegram (N).
Zoom into machine doors . Use the COAL.

Go back once and forward (up the stairs) once.
Play a new HOS. You will receive the METAL BAR.
Go forward.

Play the HOS . You will receive the STEAM CLOCK PENDULUM.
Zoom into the pottery sign (S). Note something is within.
Zoom into the pottery door (T). Note that the pottery opens at 8:00.

Go back once. Zoom into clock and attach pendulum.

Go back once, then into the Steam Room.
Zoom into the fan (P). Stop it with the METAL BAR. Take the CLOCK HANDS.

Go back once and play the HOS. You will receive a BRICK.
Go forward up the stairs.

Put the hands on the clock. It still isn’t working. Go forward.
Zoom into the pottery sign. Use the BRICK on it to break the glass.

Go back twice and into the steam room.
Zoom into the escaping steam (Q) and use the STEAM ROOM VALVE.

Go back, then forward up the stairs. Click on the wall levers (K above) until all leaks are stopped.
Click in this order: the one on the far right, then the second one from the left.
Now the clock is working: set it to 8:00. Go forward, then into the open pottery door (T above).

Play the HOS (U). You will receive the POT PIECES.
Zoom into bust (V). Not that it is missing its “tablet.”
Zoom into back shelf (W) for a minigame. Use the POT PIECES to assemble “tablets” for all the card suits
When assembled, apply tablets to bust. You will receive the FOUNTAIN PLATE (the last piece).

Go back 7 times to the archway and fountain. Use all pieces of FOUNTAIN PLATE on fountain.
You will receive the GREEN CRYSTAL.

Retrace the forwards to the street with the pottery, then go forward once more.

Chapter 4 - The Puppet Thief’s Lair

Use the GREEN CRYSTAL on the barrier.

Approach the door and enter.

Play the HOS (Y). You will receive the PUPPET LEG.

Zoom into the window (Z). Note that an orb is missing.
Go right.

Zoom into the table (A). You need more information.
Click on the shield over the mantel ( . Click on the switch behind it. Go through the fireplace.

Click on the cards (C). Note their position:

Click over the mantel (D) to note the rooms are an exact mirror, and something is missing in the mirror room.
Click on the chest (E) which is magically sealed. Note the puppet picture (F):

Return to the first room (either back through the fireplace or with the down arrow).
Click on the table for a minigame with the cards.
Arrange the cards exactly as they were in the other room, not mirrored.
The wallpaper will melt, revealing the chest and puppet picture as in the mirror room.
This chest is also magically sealed.
Zoom into the puppet picture and add the PUPPET LEG for a minigame.
Arrange the puppet limbs exactly as they are in the mirror room.
The chest will open. Take the CLOCK.

Return to the mirror room and put the clock over the mantel.
The mirror room chest will open. Take the PUPPET ORB.

Go back twice (or through the fireplace and back once).
Use the PUPPET ORB on the left jester puppet.

Pick up the telegram (G).
Go through the newly opened door (H).

Click on the curtain (I).
Zoom into the revealed picture. It will shatter, scattering the tiles.

Collect the scattered MOSAIC TILES (K).
Use them on the empty frame for a minigame.
Since the empty space goes on the top left, start at the bottom.

The ceiling will shatter and a new minigame will start.
Match the sequence of the puppet thief’s lights.
This appears to be completely random. If you fail the puppet thief will laugh and give you a new sequence.
You need to match three sequences to destroy three skeleton puppets.

When all are destroyed, use the purple crystal on the puppet thief. (L)

Congratulations! You have finished Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief!

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