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Map 6: Fudge Forest - Orchard v. 1.005

[Post New]by Erysa on Jan 18, 13 9:39 AM
1. I am not able to save, and had the game just running in the background "paused" because I've "quit" a few times with it having me go back to Map 1. (I have Windows 7, do I need to run as admin to get save files to actually work?)

2. Now that I am on Map 6, my girl won't build a gate so I can get to the two bridges. I have more than enough money, and bought 150 wood from the general store and for some reason it doesn't allow me to build. Is this a bug someone else might be experiencing, or am I overlooking something? [Yes, I can stand right next to the gate.]

3. When I go into "Settings" and then I toggle "Windowed Mode" or "Full Screen Mode" my game freezes and it won't let me interact with the buttons. I would then need to Alt+Tab to make the buttons work again. I do not believe that is a part

This is a full version that I've had for quite sometime.

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