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Cannot find 3rd gear

[Post New]by Graelyn on Jan 18, 13 5:25 PM
I am in the past and I have finished most of it, but I cannot find the 3rd gear. I have found the gear without a hole and drilled the hole. I think that I failed to take it from the tube in the office, but I am not sure. The hint button just beeps at me and tells me that there is nothing to do in this location. When I go into Tesla's office, the hint sends me to the tube, but there is nothing that I can do. I can open the tube and I can close it, but that is it. Are there any suggestions other than starting all over?

Thank you.

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Re:Cannot find 3rd gear

[Post New]by Kirinyale on Jan 20, 13 11:24 AM
Have you already fixed the tube and used it to send the blueprints as Tesla instructed you?

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