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Maximizing party member's abilities

[Post New]by kayette on Jan 19, 13 10:19 AM
I am interested in how people use the different abilities each party member has. For example both Jean and Emery appear to be the 'healers' of the party although with the right equipment Emery can make a decent attack now and then. Zahra is deadly with her double weapons when she learns the triple attack and Will does a lot of damage too. When Emery learns the Lead ability that is also helpful against the stronger enemies. What have you found works well?

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Re:Maximizing party member's abilities

[Post New]by Mamayaya on Jan 21, 13 12:59 PM
I found that having Will wear the ring that cuts spell points used in half, you do so much better in the battles. Costs $800 (I think) & you buy it in Xile. I kept lots of food so you didn't have to rest as much to regain skills. With Will & Zahra doing double & triple hits, Emery seldom had to hit in battle. They could kill off most, if not all, enemies in the first round. I also gave Emery & Zahra the best possible defense items because of their low life levels.

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