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Level 24

[Post New]by Cjb58 on Jan 19, 13 3:22 PM
Can I delete houses as they reached the right level? or do I end up having to rebuild them to reach the total of 14. I got down to needing one house to reach 14 from 13 and my game froze so I lost the game.
Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I am so frustrated


Re:Level 24

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 10, 13 12:24 PM
If you delete the ones that have already upgraded to the level you need them to be there will be a few problems. One is the houses will upgrade more slowly again, and may not recognize you have lined the roads around them.
And are slower to recoginize they have the right buidlings near them.

This only causes problems as they are all eating and using all your resources and they are depleting really fast and they aren't even at level fourteen.

I decided it is better (spoiler) to only have a few two to four inorder to gain more taxes and sell whatever you can as you go along, but to wait until you have about 2000 ea. in certain resources before upgrading the houses. And plenty of cash!

Don't upgrade them so fast they use up all your resources. But yes, if you delete the ones that have upgraded ( no matter which level) it will have to be done again. It's kind of boring if you wait though and are waiting on most of your resources to upgrade to around 2000 ea. but it works and by the time they start upgrading you have enough left to win the game without running out.


Re:Level 24

[Post New]by GorLeeBee on Mar 3, 13 5:17 AM
I have found that on ANY level, once you have met the housing requirements (and that entry is deleted from the requirements list in the upper right corner of the screen) that you CAN delete the houses and this will speed up the rate of growth of all the resources the houses were using.

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