Saving Game or finding previous game

[Post New]by DixieDiamond on Jan 19, 13 4:44 PM
I was about 2/3's finished with the game and had to stop. Did not notice any save game option. When I signed back in, the game started completely over? Is this what usually happens. That was the pits, don't enjoy playing same thing twice. Any sugestions? Please

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Re:Saving Game or finding previous game

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Jan 19, 13 5:04 PM
Hi DixieDiamond,

I'm sorry to hear that. When games aren't saving, it's usually caused by a permissions restriction on your computer that isn't allowing the game to save data. This help article here goes over some basics in troubleshooting that if you'd like to take a look:

Game Not Saving

If those tips aren't helping, please let our Tech Support Team know what's happening and they can provide further steps on correcting that.

We also have a dedicated technical issues thread for Twisted Lands: Shadow Town already so I'll go ahead and lock this thread to keep all technical issues in one place. Please feel free to post any problems with the game here.

I hope that helps!


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