Stuck on 2-4

[Post New]by miranda080612 on Jan 20, 13 3:01 PM
It is the milkshake only level and no matter what i do when the time is up she doesnt do anything...nothing happens...and i dont know what i am doing wrong? i have over the expert amount of money, i havent lost any customers, all my shelves are filled....AHH help!


Re:Stuck on 2-4

[Post New]by CrossMarian on Feb 25, 13 12:51 PM
The same here - The problem about the milkshake level is that i have 1755 and i just need 1800 or something like this to get the gold star... and i do not know what is the problem - cause i am doing everything right. Can you help me out ?


Re:Stuck on 2-4

[Post New]by Shyylo99 on Aug 30, 13 7:30 PM
Yeah I get to 1755 and I need 1800. Seems like a glitch.

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