Pictures of animals

[Post New]by dartlady74501 on Jan 21, 13 6:34 PM
I have played this game several times and can not find all the animals to take pictures of.
These are the animals I have:
Unicorn, harpie, 2 headed cobra, bear, bat, griffin, goblin, salamander, secretary bird, leprechan, polar bear, dragon, phoenix, 2 snow yetis, green plant, chameleon, mushroom, snow monster, genie, siren, tree of life, snow tiger, animals in the aquarium, monkey and lion.
Where are the rest? Please help. This is driving me crazy!!! I can not find in the walk through where the animals are.

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Re:Pictures of animals

[Post New]by bfgTokoro on Jan 22, 13 2:48 AM
Hi dartlady74501,

Welcome to the Pond!

I did some research to help you but I could not locate the exact pictures you mentionned. I recommend taking a look at the walkthrough we have available here:

Detective Quest: The Crystal Slipper Walkthrough

If you’re looking for a specific item or puzzle, try using your browser’s search function by pressing keyboard keys CTRL and F at the same time, bringing up your search bar. Enter a keyword like “SPOON” and hit enter to jump to sections containing that word.

Happy gaming!


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Re:Pictures of animals

[Post New]by Rumbitothecore on Feb 26, 13 8:42 AM
Here's the list of creatures to photograph in the order they appear in the album.. Highlight below to see..


1. Unicorn
2. Harpy
3. 2 headed cobra
4. Bear/Forester
5. Bat
6. Griffin
7. Goblin
8. Secretary bird
9. Salamander
10. Leprechaun
11. Polar bear
12. Dragon
13. White gorillas
14. Snow General
15. Venus Fly Trap
16. Cameleon
17. Phoenix
18. Genie
19. Zombie Captain
20. Siren
21. Tree of Life
22. Monkey Sage
23. Piranhas
24. White tiger
25. Mushroom
26. Prince/Lion

The remaining 4 are found in the bonus game in the CE version.

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Re:Pictures of animals

[Post New]by Jaguar2357 on Dec 27, 13 11:43 AM
Thank you, Rumbitothecore. It's very rare for Margie B. to miss something big - I really like her walkthroughs. But when the helpful icon malfunctioned she assumed they didn't count. This is very helpful.

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