Broccoli in the recipe

[Post New]by wilfra on Jan 23, 13 12:52 PM
I keep getting a message like, "something is not right, restart." I looked at the walkthrough and am following directions exactly but still the the error message. Am I missing some obvious step???? HELP, someone


Re:Broccoli in the recipe

[Post New]by maureenjanet on Feb 15, 13 4:14 AM
I am getting the same as you I have uninstalled the game and reinstlled t but nothing is any differant. have you got any further

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Re:Broccoli in the recipe

[Post New]by moetoole on Dec 27, 13 8:50 AM
I too can't seem to get it to work. I see in the walk-through that they say to add salt, pepper, eye, and chicken foot to the pot. Is this at the beginning? Before all the recipees or to each? No matter what I try, it doesn't seem to work. Any help here?

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