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Todays DD 24 January 2013

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Jan 24, 13 12:34 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD 24 January 2013

[Post New]by htbhills on Jan 24, 13 6:26 AM
I bought this today, and I'm glad I did. It's nice and soothing, after all these dark and spooky tales we've been seeing recently. Bright, colourful, cute music, none-too-challenging puzzles. I recommend!

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Re:Todays DD 24 January 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Jan 24, 13 4:12 PM
This is a good deal at $2.99.

There is no choice for mode of play. There are sparkles to indicate HOS. If you move the cursor around, interactive scenes sparkle.

Graphics are bright, and the story line is interesting and different from the typical offerings of murder, or ghosts etc.

There is voiceover only in the cutscenes. Personally, I thought the voiceover was dreadful - rushed and emotionless - so I turned it down.

There is no journal, but tasks are listed on the right, and clues to puzzles are close enough to easily check back in the scene.

There is no map, and the hint button does not point you in the right direction.

Frogs: There are 37 fragmented hidden objects throughout the game. There are 2 to 7 fragments in each object. The objects will be used to advance in the game.

Hogs: There are approximately 36 "find items on the list" Hogs.

Puzzles: There are approx. 24 puzzles. Skip button refills in approx. 1min 30secs.

Hints recharge in approx. 45 secs.

Overall, this is a very enjoyable game. It took me about 6 hours to complete. Lots of fun!

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