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How many puzzles

[Post New]by j62janet on Jan 24, 13 7:32 AM
Does any one know how many puzzles there are in Puzzle Galore, I'm really enjoying doing them, great game, j62janet


Re:How many puzzles

[Post New]by Jigsaws_Galore on Jan 30, 13 6:37 AM
There are 200 puzzles included with Jigsaws Galore, covering a wide range of themes. If you haven't found them all, be sure to look inside the yellow folder icons labeled Animals, Buildings, Misc, Outdoors and Scenic.

~ David


Re:How many puzzles

[Post New]by brokenangel33 on May 16, 13 10:34 PM
my big computer puts a lot of puzzles on it for me to play, this laptop is not letting me put anything on it but 11 puzzles, why will it not let me add all of them that i already have?

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