My one complaint....lack of auto save.

[Post New]by misformichelle on Feb 20, 09 9:54 AM
Why oh why can they not put in an auto save feature? Or a save after every x levels? I hated this in the older versions and I hate it here. I lost my place after my 1 hour trial was up. Then I lost my place when my evil rotten demonic child turned off my computer (okay, she's usually fabulous but messing with my FF game? HATEFUL! lol)

*sigh* Otherwise? I'm so loving on this. Though I am fearful of the final level. I havfe a feeling it will be pizza heavy and I still suck at pizzas even this far into the game...


Re:My one complaint....lack of auto save.

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Feb 21, 09 8:27 AM
Everytime I finish a level click on Menu as if your going to quit then return it's only way I've found to save my place

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Re:My one complaint....lack of auto save.

[Post New]by sin67 on Apr 16, 09 1:49 PM
Yep I did that, power went off went back to the beginning.
It is really annoying.
I got to the end and couldn't get gold on 2 levels so I downloaded the new version, it went back to the beginning. DOOH. I have even been turning it off at the end on streets hoping it saves,then my computer did a restart and it went back to about 3 restarts ago.
I wouldn't mind turning the game off so it saves but it takes so long to restart., and it is so random.
Oh well guess I am back to the goats, only just got to the pigs. At least it didn't go back to the chickens this time.

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