So Disappointing

[Post New]by BalsallHeathen on Jan 25, 13 4:02 AM
I got quite excited by this as I am a big fan of the paper version.
What a disappointment!
Talk about 'retro' - the user interface is so awful and outdated it is barely usable.
I found my way around it eventually, but by the time I had I was too frustrated to enjoy the experience.
Wake up Puzzler guys - it's 2013... not 1983.
Bottom line is - even if you are a Puzzler mag' lover like me - I would not recommend you pay out your hard earned cash for this.

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Re:So Disappointing

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jan 25, 13 4:04 AM
Hi BalsallHeathen,

I am sorry that this game did not match your expectations but thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel.

Since we already have a thread in this Game Forum dedicated to game reviews though, I'll be locking this thread to keep things tidy.

However, please feel free to repost that review thread here so other Fishes can benefit from your opinion on the game.



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