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Todays DD 26 January 2013

[Post New]by cleoladycat on Jan 26, 13 1:53 AM
Any comments fishes?

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Re:Todays DD 26 January 2013

[Post New]by joyce2121 on Jan 26, 13 6:14 AM
At DD price, this is well worth a try. What I liked most was
the humor. It's an older game and plays like it, puzzles on
the easy side, but I did have fun with it

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Re:Todays DD 26 January 2013

[Post New]by NIMHURCHU on Jan 26, 13 8:34 PM
I need a few more punches to fill my card, so for me, this was a good enough game and a fair deal at $2.99.

Although I have read that others had voiceovers, for some reason, I did not have any voiceover throughout the game.

There are 3 modes of play: casual, expert and professional. There are no hints, puzzles cannot be skipped and there are no sparkles in professional. In expert mode, hints and skip button takes longer to fill, and there are sparkles for HOS.

There is no map.

There is a journal, with the story and clues.

There are 5 chapters.

HOS: There are only 8 HOS. Hint recharges in about 45 secs in casual mode, and 1 min in expert mode. No hints in professional mode. Hints do work outside HOS and do help to navigate.

Puzzles: There are approximately 15 simple puzzles, with some puzzles having several levels/parts to them. Puzzles can be skipped in approx. 1 min 30 secs in casual mode, in 3 mins in expert mode and cannot be skipped in professional mode.

This game was rather short (less than 3 hrs for me), but I didn't mind as I had enough of the game by the end. It's not one that I will likely play again, but I don't regret the purchase at the DD price.

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