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Searching the suspects lair

[Post New]by captzeno on Jan 27, 13 2:56 PM
Well, I have a problem. For some reason I wasn't allowed to go and search the subject's lair despite the fact the evidence clearly matched the profile of at least 4 subjects -- dark hair, light complexion and wrist jewelry. And I double and triple checked the list and the evidence and still got the error message that the facts needed to match. Well, they did and still no way to go and search the lair. What's the deal with that? Has anyone else encountered that? Now this was the first time I played the game and I haven't tried a second round but if this happens again then I might as well chuck the game. I also did buy it second hand at a local Half-Price Book store. Even so they are usually very good about the quality of their merchandise.
Any Help appreciated. Thanks.

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