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[Post New]by darcikirk on Jan 28, 13 9:41 PM
Those 2 levels were hardest for me. When I got stuck on 91, rather than get frustrated trying over and over I put that game on hold and started a new game under a different name. I got stuck on 91 again and started a 3rd game. By the time I got to level 91, I beat it this time. Starting over perfects your skills and speed. When I got stuck on level 97 on the 3rd game I picked up on the 1st game again and when I reached level 97 I beat it, then I was able to finish the game. The tips others give were helpful but by finishing it this way it prevented me from throwing my PC out the window. I was still able to enjoy playing it. I don't usually do timed games but there's a good feeling when you can finish it. Turning the music off is helpful because I noticed on the harder levels (91 & 97) it is slower and l think it slows you down. Just make sure you keep the sound on for special effects so you will know when you are running out of time. Hope this helps.

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