Stuck on Level 20

[Post New]by harryoh_98 on Jan 29, 13 7:18 PM
I'm stuck on level 20. I can't seem to stay healty long enough to defeat the demons. Especially the big purple one. I haven't killed him yet. I even bought 10,000 worht of gear, grenados, grease, sticky webs, swords and still can't get thru this level. Any suggestions?

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Re:Stuck on Level 20

[Post New]by dalaenadm on Mar 3, 13 4:47 PM
Have you leveled up your Excellency and Mastery spells? It's very important to do so since they make ALL of your missiles (except the Void ones) much more powerful. Just making matches is the easiest way to kill something, so make sure it's leveled up.


Re:Stuck on Level 20

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Sep 1, 13 9:44 AM
I'm having trouble with this level as well. All my Excellency and Mastery spells have been leveled up as high as they'll go at this point. The projectiles seem to bounce right off the big purple demon, and there are too many others for me to even make it past the first wave.

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