Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by Ozziefishboy on Jan 29, 13 8:02 PM
Hello 'true' tower defense gamers...

Has anyone achieved gold (3 stars) on the FINAL level (Snowfall 20)?
I get smashed at the end of the wave when the wizards come out and 'sleep' my cannons etc. I've tried targeting them individually but by that stage they are hidden amongst the huge rock monsters and targeting one at a time is VERY difficult (it would've been nice to be able to target more then one enemy). I think it may require purchasing all the upgrades in the shop and then replaying it then.

It's a shame this game started off fairly difficult. If everyone gave it a chance I think it would've been more popular. I have really enjoyed it. Some stages really make you think, unlike other games where the first 10+ are just too easy.


Re:Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by Ozziefishboy on Feb 1, 13 1:34 AM
....It seems Sniper Rifles were the key. They take care of the flying creatures and also do hefty damage to the ground dwellers.

Gold on all... Oh yeah!


Re:Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Feb 2, 13 9:53 PM
Ok which ones are the Sniper Rifles and how many stars do you have on them?

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Re:Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by Pixieydust on Feb 4, 13 11:34 PM
How do you defeat the shaman in the first level they appear? They keep sleeping my towers.

Thank you in advance. I like this game just need a bit of help;



Re:Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by Ozziefishboy on Feb 6, 13 2:37 AM
@ EPF.... What I call the 'sniper rifles' are the fully upgraded canons (the option with one barrel, not the triple barrel which has a much shorter range). As for stars, I've now got full stars on most except for the 'costs' and 'spells' catergories. But when I completed stage 20 on easy I think I only had 3 stars on canons. Hard level 20, I had to use a combination of snipers and artillery and sell and rebuild during the stage, I had full stars then.

@Pixie... If you are referring to a stage other then 20, then I used the 'artillery towers' for most of the other stages for killing the 'shamans'. You just have to place them within a close enough distance to the entry points (generally, just outside the artillery arc range) but not to close as to NOT give them enough time to kill the sharman before they 'zzzzz' you towers. It takes about 2 shots each to kill a sharman with the artillery towers alone. Don't forget you should always try to target them with the bullseye, and always target the one in the front position as the towers are not as accurate. I hope that helps you. If not let me know which stage you're having trouble with and I'll replay it and let you know what I did.


Re:Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by alex1here on Mar 15, 13 5:18 AM
I just can't get it. ((. I can't even finish the level at all. They all make it to my castle before I can finish.

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Re:Snowfall Mountains Level 20..

[Post New]by unclepaul on Apr 4, 13 8:29 PM
Level 20 Hard has become so easy now, with all upgrades.
It is a real pitty that Bigfish games does not allow hot linking to a picture on say photobucket to help in descriptions.
Here goes :
I will regard as being 4 rows
Row 1 at bottom Dart, Cannon, Cannon, Dart
Row 2 across the middle but below bridges
Dart, Dart, Cannon, Cannon, Dart, Cannon
Row 3 above bridges but not including Castle
Dart, Dart, Artillery, Mine, Artillery, Dart

Row 4 The castle Artillery, Artillery eventually.
Start then pause and set up rows 1 and 2 and then the mine upgraded to Support Tower (extra damage and range for all inits influence which includes all the cannon except far right Row 1.
Resume play for first three groups to build up gold and upgrade the two lower cannons first and lower dart towers.
I finished with all Dart towers upgraded to green, all cannon upgraded to Snipers, Artilery upgraded to level 2.
Pay particular attention to the warp troopers as they move fast and are difficult to kill.
When the groups of 4 Shamin arrive hit one with earthwuake, one with poison, one with meteors and freeze the other . This weakes them enough that they can be killed pretty quickly with some directed fire.

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