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IMO-Very good strategy for all lvl's

[Post New]by hprwhg on Jan 30, 13 12:27 AM
This strategy does take patience. It builds your business slow, but it can help

In Tutorialville just follow the tutorial and you should do just fine.

Day 1 in the rest of worlds borrow 1000 and then starting after Beantown 1500 from loan shark and purchase the GOOD storefront, potion-maker, In-store entertainment, and starting after Beantown the Oh hush spell as well. Use the Oh Hush spell constantly during the business day. You have to click the spell every time you want to use it.

Put 150 into marketing which will be brainwashing in lower worlds and night imps in higher worlds. After you get your business going well put more into to get NON-sop infomercials.

NO Goons. Your competition will not use goons if you don't, But as soon as you do they will continue to use them even if you don't. Wait until your business is going well before using any goons. At which point you wont need Town Criers,Pop-Up Gremlins, Gorillas, or Sandwich Board Dwarves. They only give popularity.

Set research to 103. This will always get you ANY new potion quicker than competition, basically 9-10 days.Try not to borrow all of the money from loan shark in first ten days. Keep some to help get new ingredients for 1st new potion and a bigger warehouse. 1st new potion usually starts you on the way to more money.

As for pricing. Every world starts off with 50% customer and will either start off with Love Potion#8 (25-45),Head Shrinker (40-70), or Uninflammable (50-85). Set the price at the 50% range. Meaning count ten up from minimum and ten down from maximum until the numbers match. After day 1 the customer % will randomly change. Roughly match customer % given.with % range For example if the day calls for 10% broken hearts.55% giant heads, and 80% On fire. This is my prices $26 for love potion#8, $62 for Head shrinker, and $75 for uninflammable. I found costumers never like to pay full price EVER.

Supplies on day 1 For love potion buy 20 eye of newt and 20 itsy bitsy spider. For head shrinker buy 40 fish heads and for uninflammable buy 15 fish heads and 30 itsy bitsy spider. If you like you can fill your warehouse up to the 50 max, but on day 1 you will never have 25 customers.

Following these steps will build you up slowly and you may have to tweek marketing and research money to buy ingredients. Try not to borrow all the money from loan shark in the first ten days, That way when you can get a new potion you can buy the warehouse and enough ingredients.

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