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level 15 has got me beat

[Post New]by oliversgranny on Jan 30, 13 2:46 PM
I am all for a challenging Game and one of these players that refuse to be beaten once I start a Game
but this is madness.
Level 15 is driving me mad and I know it only gets worse
the easy mode should at least give you a chance to work things out
I am sure there is obviously a way to get that first blue guy and go on to finish the level
but its too depending on a fine line of yes or no
What a shame as I was rather enjoying it up till now
I feel like I have wasted my money after enjoying the trial
first time ever for me
Any clues for this level would be appreciated.As no matter what I do and how I sue the spell,all my items get put to sleep and unuseable.


Re:level 15 has got me beat

[Post New]by Ozziefishboy on Jan 30, 13 5:56 PM
Hi OG (Wendy),
To kill the Ice monster, place a cannon in the bootom right hand corner (next to the tree). You should have enough money from your mine, by the time he gets there (use the 'heroism' spell also). If you haven't upgraded the cannon in the shop, use the other spells as well. Then place a dart tower on the next corner (just past the bridge, directly below the mine), that should finish him off. Depending on what you've spent your 'crystals' on when upgrading in the shop, this should work easily. I hope that helps.

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