Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Jan 31, 13 5:57 AM
O.K. I know not to build up the houses too soon, that's not exactly the problem. In this level I have to buy iron, I keep buying but if you connect the road to the main road, my weapons keep disappearing. I think the soldiers walk off with them as they leave the town and go walking down the main highway.

I was able to get 8 house upgraded after sending Rome all the boards, and furniture and paying off $7000, but it was difficult. Normally, I start plopping down the houses and they upgrade quickly and I win the level if that is all there is left to do.

However, even in this new, improved version, fires start up just as rapid as before, my 'firemen' bypass some lots and let them burn, and I have plenty of 'firehouses', also, the weapons start disappearing even when there aren't any bandits.

So, I started over three times, hated too since I just couldn't win after all that and doing everything but getting four more houses to upgrade fast enough before the others lost a level, etc.

My questions, for this level, does anyone know how many farms, furniture, olive oil, meat etc. it takes to sustain 12 houses to level thirteen long enough so I can finish this level? Does anyone know the math?

I ran out of space I had so many factories and farms etc. before, but restarted and didn't connect the road to the main road this time so my soldiers would quit walking off with my weapons.

I just had 21 weapons (selling most of them) sat there and watched it go down to seventeen in a few seconds without any bandits in the town.
So it is taking all the money I have left to buy more ore for more weapons to keep them safe until I can get enough farms etc. to level up the houses. Has anyone done the math on this level to know how many it will take and how fast (houses are the last thing I do) to win?

Also, why do they stop producing things needed most? I turn off all the others and have plenty of flax or olives or ore but they don't start producing those that are empty? This is a very difficult level if it isn't bugged. It has way too many fires, though I do have several wells, and my weapons disappear and they won't produce anymore bread, olive oil or weapons even though they have plenty of material and plenty of factories even upgraded roads to make it faster.

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Re:Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by SharonGia on Jan 31, 13 9:10 AM
Honestly I think this game has some serious bugs.

First off, even with the updated version, my game does not save if I exit out and I know I have the new version. There are just as many fires and brigand attacks as ever.

I am on level 26 and cannot win the level. I have every house next to gardens, monuments, great building etc but some houses still won't upgrade to the last 2 levels. Then I lose too many products (even though I had over 1000 of each) and the other houses keep going down also.

I am so frustrated that I have given up. And I HATE to give up because I love the game and want to complete the last few levels. But I need to know how to situate these houses to get them to upgrade, they should upgrade as I am doing what I need to do.

Sorry I can't be of any help but it seems I have cleared levels up until this point by luck and now I can't go any further.


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Re:Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by HotTuna on Jan 31, 13 5:19 PM
I've given up on some houses that won't upgrade and deleted them. Then I have to start a new village. Sometimes it seems like 5 houses makes a set for the township. Other times, more houses are OK. And I can't figure out the distance- how far does a well or market cover? Anyway, I've managed to pass level 22, just keep building resources.


Re:Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by puppydogtails on Feb 1, 13 5:36 AM
Thanks! I restarted again yesterday after my save went missing.

This time I tried for more weapons and more barracks and didn't connect to the main road. This worked for awhile. But as soon as I get five houses up to about level Ten, the bad guys kill all my soldiers, use up all my weapons and I start having more fires again. Ooh, I can't win this level. This about the sixth time if not more.

Seems the game likes to start fires on the flax, fruit and pig farms as soon as I am getting close to upgrading the houses again. I get more invasions, often as soon as they start upgrading. The bad thing is they must get stronger becasue they wiped out twenty one soldiers everytime. Figured out why my weapons were disappearing I think. The soldiers need them but I think some of them die later shortly after a battle, and the meter starts filling up again.

You would think they would die instantly and you would see how many you have left but it takes a little while and then they go missing. I also figured out the Tax Collector wasn't collecting the taxes soon enough. This time it kept giving zeros for a long time period. I deleted one of the houses and placed a second TAX building right beside them and boom I started get my taxes collected again. It had been a real long time since the first one was still up at the top of map not collecting anything from the factories. More money, faster if your Tax collector is very close to your houses.

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Re:Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by mcurty on Feb 4, 13 9:37 AM
I also learned to build a lot of perfectures ?? fire houses. Even though I thought I had enough, they didn't seem to be able to put out the fires in the fields. With more fire houses, it helped to keep the fires from destroying everything.

I also built a lot more barracks than I thought I needed. The more barracks you build with enough swords, the greater your chances of avoiding being overrun by brigandes.

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Re:Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by callielee on Aug 27, 14 6:14 PM
Also stuck. I found that 28 soldiers is pretty good. 21 is not enough. And if you do not connect to the road, the brigands find you anyway, and there are fires.
I had been building around a square, with the houses in two rows on either side and the other stuff in the center with gardens, etc. That way all the houses "see" everything. But this level with "improved roads" doesn't seem to work. I improve the houses slowly, 3 at a time. They accept the roads at level 10 and 11, but reject them at 12 when I add the Forum to go to 13. Getting pretty good at getting money and building stuff. I do not use the whole area, but I've never made it to level 13 with the houses! Stumped>

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Re:Stuck in Level 22, Need Advice.

[Post New]by Saxonator on Sep 3, 14 11:41 PM

This might be regarded as a spoiler alert, so bear that in mind if you don't want to know everything.

I love this game and have played it several times so I can't remember individual levels, but they are all easy when you know how and here are some general tips which worked for me.

The only thing you need to put on the main road is the Trade House. It can't be attacked or set on fire so it doesn't need protection by either prefectures or barracks. If you link other roads up to the main road, your prefects will walk the wrong way as often as not.

Start by sending Rome's stuff first, then you can forget about them. You might need to send a few exports to cover the cost of this.

Then start growing and producing everything your city is going to need. The amounts vary according to the number of houses you need, I've never bothered to work out exactly but I usually get a couple of hundred. At the same time carry on exporting so you have enough money to build your school, hospital etc., when you start building your city.

After the first two or three levels don't bother with Tax Offices, the amount they collect is peanuts, the real income comes from exports, preferably weapons as soon as they are available.

I never have barracks in my cities because if you do, they take the weapons and use them up when they are attacked. Instead I have Prefectures for every two or three buildings, that way they can cope with attacks and fires.

Now start building your city. I have a block of eight or ten houses which I cover with three prefectures. Add all the buildings but NOT the markets. When you have got all the buildings any any road improvements etc., and a couple of hundred of all your market items, then add a market or two and your houses will mature in a couple of minutes.

Finally when Rome demands soldiers rather than just weapons you will need to build barracks but first get enough weapons. Each barracks needs 7 weapons, so if Rome asks for 14 soldiers, get 14 weapons then build two barracks. I wait until just after there has been an ttack before I build the barracks, then you should get enough soldiers to send to Rome before the next attack. In later cities that gets more difficult so its every man for himself. After you have sent the soldiers to Rome delete the barracks.

Hope this helps

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