stuck in the lair

[Post New]by momlady40 on Jan 31, 13 8:55 PM
I did everything that I could in the lair. I've got the key to the police car but now I can't get down to the street. It keeps telling me I need a ladder. I can see the ladder in the fireplace but can't get the door open. I've looked through the strategy guide and it's no help. Did I miss something?


Re:stuck in the lair

[Post New]by fireball777 on Aug 11, 13 2:46 PM
Hello there I had the same problem - kept going to the balcony to climb down the way I came, but the game wouldn't let me. I almost gave up, and then, by accident, I noticed that when I hovered my cursor at the bottom of my screen just above my inventory it turned into a back-up arrow. Viola! Back down in the street! Evidently, the balcony takes us to a different part of town, once we have acquired the rope ladder. Hope that helps, happy gaming!

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