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[Post New]by easterday99 on Feb 1, 13 9:52 AM
I consider myself an advanced TM player, however, I cannot expert scores on past the first section even playing on the relaxed mode.

Please any tips?

It has been months since this type of TM game and I am enjoying it even without getting expert scores.

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Re:Export Scores

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 2, 13 3:29 AM
Hi easterday99,

I would also humbly submit that I am pretty good at TM games and while I have not played much of this one yet, I had some similar issues with the first Grave Mania - the difficulty definitely ramps up quite quickly in these games!

I will include a few tips below in case they help at all:

*Always try to end will all stations cleaned to get the clean bonus
*Be careful purchasing upgrades, I always think more of a certain station is better than having 1 or 2 fully upgraded ones
*It is tempting to spend all money stations but upgrading the tables they are wheeled in can help keep waiting zombies quieter for longer
*Once you get the butler, focus on training him as quickly as you can, so he can help as much as possible

You are probably employing much, if not all of the above already so my final tip is replaying a level is not always a bad thing - once you get a sense of where your resources are typically stretched, you can focus on building that into your game play.

Anyway, I really help this helps and that you will continue to enjoy this game!



Re:Export Scores

[Post New]by bensmom521 on Feb 2, 13 9:13 AM
I'm having the same problem. Nice to know there are others out there. I AM going to figure out how to get experts. Let you know when I do.

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Re:Export Scores

[Post New]by mooskilady on Feb 2, 13 9:39 AM
You can go back after buying upgrades and replay levels. At that point you will earn the cash over what you previously got for the level and can get expert level or perfect level for each one. I was able to finish the game with perfect on almost every board. Almost.

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Re:Export Scores

[Post New]by easterday99 on Feb 3, 13 12:12 PM
Thank you mooskilady, it works like a charm to follow your tips.

Bensmom, if you try out what mooskilady says, it will work for you as well.

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