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level 17 way to expert score

[Post New]by hprwhg on Feb 1, 13 12:13 PM
First, mopping up spills may or may not happen. It is random and sometimes you may only deal with one spill or have to clean up multiple spills.
Book Readers (BR) and Families (Fam)
Stay standing at podium. It will give hearts three times, before 1st family arrives. Do not seat BR until the 1st family arrives. Start seating BR in order they are in line from podium up.
1st BR @ top right table (4 seats). Match red so that bottom of table is red,red and top is green,blank
2nd BR @ bottom left table (4 seats) No matches possible
3rd BR @ bottom right (2 seats) match blue
4th BR @ top left (4 seat) No matches possible
Still @ podium wait for hearts then wait a few second before you sit family at 6 seat table. Grab baby chair. Go back to podium, give hearts. By this time BR's and family should be ready. Take BR's orders first and families last. Serve food in same pattern you took the orders in. Go to podium. You may have to mop at this time, but return to podium if you do. give checks and clear then podium again.
A this point do NOT sit BR's, seat families only in order they stand in line from podium up
1st Fam @ top left (4 seat) match colors
2nd Fam @ top right (4 seat)match red,green
3rd Fam @ bottom left (4 seat) match double blue
4th Fam @ 6 seat. Match red and have the blue on left side table.
Grab baby chairs for all tables. podium, take orders,serve, podium, mopping may happen at all tables so leave podium if this happens but do it quickly and head back to podium. give checks clear tables , podium.
This part is a bit tricky to match colors properly , so use your best judgement.. Again seat Families in order in line from podium up
1st Fam @ top right (4 seat)match colors
2nd Fam @ Top left (4 seat) match colors
3rd Fam @ Bottom left (4 seat) match colors. Grab baby chairs, podium, take orders,serve,podium, mopping may happen,give checks, clear,podium
Only BR's left. Leave the first BR 6 party until last. Again in order BR's in line from podium up,skipping 1st 6 party
2nd BR @ Top center(2 seat)
3rd BR @ 6 seat matching reds,blues and one green (BIG BONUS)
4th BR @ Top right (4 seat) match green,red
5th BR @ Top left (4 seat) match blue,green
6th BR @ bottom right (2 seat) match blue
7th BR @ bottom left match either blue or green orders,serve,podium,checks clear. The final BR party seat however possible to get best color match. Final score will range from 14970 to 15240 depending on mopping and different color matches GOOD LUCK

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