How to play PW 2013

[Post New]by Nola54 on Feb 1, 13 1:02 PM
Wordsearch - find words from the list up, down or diagonal.
Sudoku - each grid 2x3 or 3x3, row and column contains no repeat numbers
Crossword - self explanatory
Fitword - list of words fit into grid like crossword
Codeword - similar to crossticks - each letter has a corresponding number.
Link-A-Pix - each grid with a number such as 2 means two squares connected of the same color not always in a straight line, but not diagonal.
Pathfinder - The starting point is colored in. Use the words on the list to create a linked together group of words that use every letter once. First letter of a new word is not the last letter of the previous word.
Mixup - crossword anagram Clue word contains all the letters for the new word (change eat to tea or ate).
Silhouette - click each shape that contains a dot. Click again if you make a mistake.
Spot the Difference - self explanatory
Spiral Crossword - In this crossword the last letter of one word is the first letter of the next word.
Missing Links - 3 words that can each be combined with a word to create new words. (boy,girl,indian = scout)
Takegaki - Create a worm that encompasses every number on the board. Numbers indicate how many sides are used. They are 0-4. Use the note to put an X on lines not being used (0 = 4 Xs 1 on each side)
Sum People - Each pic is a number value each row and column has a total. Work out the value of each pic. They can be any number, but none are the same.
Suko - Drag the numbers 1-9 onto the puzzle grid so that the number in a circle is the total of the 4 squares it touches. Colored sections must also add up. This one is really trial and error. The numbers will show how close you are.
Drop Zone - select a letter from the bottom row of letter to change with the letter above it to make a word. Do that with each row until you have only one letter left on the top row. Click that letter and the others will drop to their new lines and create 6 words. Be careful to track changes that occur, sometimes two letters will be removed in the same column. Again, trial and error. If it's right, they will all drop when you click the letter left over at the top.
All the bonus (secondary) games are very simple. Play these to win tokens to buy hints.
The” i “button gets you information or to the hint page to buy a hint.


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[Post New]by krysbkreations on Feb 10, 13 4:43 PM
Okay...can someone please explain Drop Zone to me (Puzzle # 11 in PW 2013). I understand that when I'm done there should be 6 words when I'm done. And I am pretty sure that only 1 letter per word is what I need to change. I just don't get it.


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[Post New]by mudlark101 on Feb 13, 13 2:10 AM
How to Play Drop Zone. Previous post does explain it. You need to highlight one letter in each row to remove it from play. Start at the bottom and remove a letter which will be highlighted and you use the letter above it to make your correct word. Then go to the next line up and again work out the word, using the new letter from above which when finished will drop down into that line and remove one letter. So as you read this word completed word you will have to use two letters from the line above - the ones to replace the ones removed. Then go up to the next line, Same again only this time its 3 new letters to use. I hope this helps. As I started to write this I found it difficult to put in writing to make it clear.


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[Post New]by krysbkreations on Feb 14, 13 4:06 AM
Thanks mudlark...I'm starting to get it! I think maybe it is more I can't figure out the correct words then I can figure out the games

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