spirits of mystery amber maiden

[Post New]by shaynami on Feb 1, 13 3:02 PM
I am stuck with the 4 pics behind the painting......cant figure out the order to solve the puzzle

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Re:spirits of mystery amber maiden

[Post New]by cat52 on Feb 5, 13 5:03 AM
I hope I understand where you are in the game. You reassemble the painting after finding all the pieces, put the finished painting on the wall, and then the painting "opens up" to reveal four symbols.

If you check the tassels hanging off the bed in that back room, you'll see they have the same four symbols on them. By clicking the tassels, you move them up and down.

One row across the tassels is set off by faint bars above and below it; this is the "active" row. I think it's the bottom or second-to bottom row, can't recall exactly.

Final part of spoiler (highlight to read if you still need it): The active row needs to contain the symbols in the same order as shown in the painting clue.


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