3 Gold Spoiler for Level 20 Easy Forgotten Fields

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Feb 1, 13 9:54 PM
Was beginning to think this level was impossible but finally got it.

Hopefully I can emplain it well enough as I have no idea how to do the video walk thru THE PAUSE BUTTON is definately Needed to work the Last Round

First start off by getting maximum at start and placing Dart Towers (cheapest ones) on each of the first 6 avail spots. (the 2 on middle then the 4 on other side of road) These will get you thru until the last round for all the flying dragons.

As you get more money place the Artillary Towers on both of the spots beside the fortress and all 4 spots inside the road built up to max. I used the Rockets on most of them and I think the Road Fire on the ones in front of the Fortress. I placed a Cannon Tower in the very Center spot it sleeps most of the time.

On last level as soon as all the Ground troops are gone and your past the Dart Towers You need to SELL all the Artillary Towers as they are now useless on flying items and replace all of them with the Dart Towers Maxed while you SELL THE FRONT ONES FOR MONEY.

I didn't really need any of the spells until the final wave Round 7 to get rid of the Ground Troups.

Hope these instructions make sense as I was able to keep all 25 Hearts on all 20 Levels using this same strategy on Easy Level.

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