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Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 2, 13 12:38 AM
Hi Fishies!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 2, 13 12:38 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by smudger29 on Feb 2, 13 1:52 AM
It started out ok, but lots of HOGs with poor definition and messy. Found myself clicking around just to finish the HOG (no penalty btw).

Not worth a free game credit.


Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by heatherington on Feb 2, 13 2:15 AM
I bought it, it was intriguing. A little on the strange side. While I was examining the body the cart came into view somehow and I guess the wheel brace came off and while that dude was talking the wagon careened off and broke up. A little comical. After the conversation I clicked on the sparkles and didn't get an item list so I went on to bigger and better things. I noticed that the horse had something in its hoof so I immediately went back to the junk pile and found a horse pick. Had to click on the hint twice to see where the sweet spot was for the compass. Little concerned that the game would end right there. No music to speak of but there are voice overs. The hint fills up real quick and the skip/solve on the mini games is always right there when you get tired of messing around. Had to have the carriage to get into town but not when going back. I liked being able to look out the window.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by cbtx on Feb 2, 13 2:20 AM
This is a very nice game that is an old-fashioned HOPA with a lot of emphasis on hidden objects.

The HOS were fun and easy to complete with a hint button that refills almost immediately (10 seconds).

The puzzles are quite easy.

The graphics are very nice, and the game plays problem-free with smooth mechanics, and opens in widescreen automatically.

There are voiceovers that are nicely done.

There is a map, but I never tried to move from scene to scene with it, and there is a journal that moves the story along nicely for you. And, there are customized difficulty settings----very nice!!

I don't believe it's giving too much away to say it's a vampire story, and I can never get enough of those----so I was drawn in to the hunt almost immediately. The game makes no pretense about being more than it is, it's just a hunt for a monster with quite a few HOS as you go with a few puzzles interspersed here and there. But it's fun to play, I liked it, and it's a buy for me. Give it a go and see what you think.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by BearKat on Feb 2, 13 3:18 AM
I, too, am enjoying this little game!

Good graphics and smooth gameplay.

There are three modes of play, casual, advanced, and custom where you decide all the difficulty aspects of the game to suit yourself!

There is choice of custom or system cursor.

There is windowed mode.

There are controls for Music, SFX, & Dialog, as well as one for Cut Scenes.

I will add that it fills my 23" HDWS completely without any problem or help from me.

In fact, I've had no problems, Tech or otherwise, with the game!

It is a buy for me, but, as usual, give it a try and make up your own mind!

Happy Gaming!


Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by cherbtoo on Feb 2, 13 3:42 AM
Review after demo ... I don't consider the next paragraph a spoiler because there are people who will be glad of this information.

A Magistrate has been murdered and it is your job to investigate but make sure that your packed lunch contains some garlic before doing so .

This game automatically filled my widescreen, thanks devs .

There are voiceovers but I prefer paying with the music turned off so I can't comment on that. The graphics are quite dark but, on the whole, it is possible to distinguish nearly everything although I did use a couple of hints in the hidden object scenes. These scenes are not interactive and there are far more of those than puzzles/minigames.

I have saved the best bit until last .

This game gives you choices as to the difficulty of the game and you can play in Casual, Advanced or Custom modes .

In Custom mode you can have ...

* Tutorial ... On / Off
* Sparkles ... On / Off
* Tips ... On / Off
* Hidden Object Difficulty ... Casual / Advanced
* Hint Recharge ... Fast / Medium / Slow
* Solve Puzzle Charge ... Short / Long / Off

The fast hint time is 10 seconds, what a joy no frustration of sitting drumming fins while waiting for it to recharge , sorry I didn't check the others because I assumed you would all set it on fast

Even though I am not too keen on heavy laden hidden object scene games any more I will buy this one purely because the dev has taken the trouble to give us a game that can be played according to our tastes and not to the devs tastes so a big thank you for these options .


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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by Pickles77 on Feb 2, 13 6:31 AM
I agree with the positive reviews, I am really enjoying this game too, love vampire stories, can't have enough of them, bring them on! I love HOG's so the more the merrier as I am not a puzzle lover . The story is interesting and I want to find out what happens so it is a buy for me! Thanks Developers and BFG! So nice to get a HOG game that is not a SE of a CE

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by Poutoule on Feb 2, 13 6:37 AM
Played 30 minutes, casual

- 3 modes, casual, advanced and custom, a very nice plus as you can adjust the game to your likings

- Voice overs

- Journal, bottom right side of your screen

- Map, can't say if it's interactive as I didn't try it

- Instructions button but they're given to you as soon as you finish a scene

- Quite a few cut scenes

- Hint button refills really quickly

- Skip button, fills quickly too

- H0, you don't interact, a lot of them

- Good, if not new, mini games

- Good graphics

A magistrate has been killed in a weird way, you investigate. A nice game on which I will spend a punch card credit.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by _misschrissi_ on Feb 2, 13 7:14 AM
A funny little game, with a couple of "glitches" that occurred during the demo. The first HOG initially came up on my screen with no list of what to find, but when I came out of it and went back in, the list showed up. The second thing was at the gates to the castle - it told me the gates were locked, and when I clicked on a hint and followed the arrows it let me get past them! When I came out of the castle and tried to go in again, it said the gates were locked & wouldn't let me past until I'd used an item on them .

Based on what I played in the demo, I can't quite make up my mind about this game. It is very HOG-heavy - sometimes I played HOG after HOG. The scenery is great, but there's not always much to do, or much to look at, in each area. Personally, I also found a couple of the puzzles a little bit challenging (or maybe I'm just too used to other dev's easy-peasy puzzles), but that could have been because I didn't want to waste too much time in the demo working them out.

The storyline is so-so, once again I'm on the hunt for some kind of vampire (or vampire wannabe) and there appears to be something about killing people to gain immortality. I know I'm loving a game when I'm on the edge of my seat and smiling while I play it - I wasn't doing that with this one, but I can't say I hated it either. The jury's out - I might think about using a PCC on it.

Edited to add: Having just checked the walkthrough and seen there are 4 chapters, it's a little alarming to realise that when my demo ended, I was almost about to start Chapter 3!!! Obviously a very short game, then!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by NancySusan on Feb 2, 13 7:26 AM
Good reviews. I would also say I loved being able to customize the entire gameplay, which was great -- I chose difficult HOS's with fast refill of the hint -- also in mini-games. There were a lot of anachronisms, to name a few, a teddy bear (stuffed bears as toys appeared in the start of the 20th century, hello), a morgue and an autopsy, which were illegal until the 19th century in most of Europe and the U.S. I also had some slightly glitchy gameplay, but nothing that froze or would have prevented me from using one of my two punch card coupons on the game. I also noticed that my fullscreen was slightly larger than my actual screen left to right, which was a new one for me, but in the 40 minutes of the demo that I played, did not cause any problems. The idea, something to do with vampires (even a Renfield) was interesting, but the number of hidden object scenes, pretty much at every turn, even with the customizing and ability to use a hint button every 10 seconds, was too much for me, sadly, so no buy. (Oh, and "whom" is not the subject of a sentence -- who does things to whom.)

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by minesita on Feb 2, 13 8:31 AM
Sorry, I only played less than 30 minutes, but the amount of HOS were overwhelming ! I don't like more this kind of games, I'm not going to buy it.
The hint system is very good, I needed three times to find HO, it refill very quickly .
This game is just for people who enjoy a lot of HOS. To them, enjoy !

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by shorenuf on Feb 2, 13 10:01 AM
Well, if you love Hidden Object scenes, definitely have at this game. One of the options in the Custom Difficulty settings id for HOs -- casual or advanced. Frankly, I didn't notice that much difference. The problem is, you must wade through a HO scene at nearly every turn.

Also in custom difficulty settings, you can turn off in game tips. That does make the adventure portion of the game somewhat more challenging. However, when you get an inventory item, there is a very helpful description of what you might do with it.

And what's your Adventure this time? Well, the town Magistrate was doing a great job of keeping peace and harmony, but he has just been killed -- an injury to his neck. You are the inspector on the case. The first person you interview in the bar maid. She says, more than once, "I feel safer here near the garlic." I think the accent is Transylvanian.

Okay then -- anything good about this game?
• Well, the custom difficulty settings are a plus.
• There's a diary the inspector updates with thoughts and clues.
• There's a map -- it won't take you anywhere but does show where actions are available/still possible.
• Widescreen presentation
• Title fits the artwork -- many scenes are dark, but the artwork has some striking perspectives.
• Voice overs

For a standard edition game that's quite a bit, and those unfamiliar might be tempted to say "well done!" But for me, there are just too many HO scenes -- I am so tired of them. Puzzles, you ask? I think I saw one very modest one along with the 6 HO scenes I saw during the demo. I quit before the time was up.

Yes, I'm tired of the whole HOPA formula. Still, I'm trying to find something redeeming here. Maybe the answer to the mystery goes beyond the obvious. If not, I would "Vant to bite [the developer's] neck."

The Magician's Handbook 1 and 2 -- from the same developer, and years old now. They were so good for their time, and even now so much better than this game.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by dancemom1 on Feb 2, 13 10:59 AM
I actually enjoyed this game, even though it is pretty much a straight HOG. The graphics were nice (a bit grainy), HOGs were not bad (some very dark and hard to see areas), game play very nice.

Fast hint recovery, games simple, music nice (I always turn it down because I prefer to listen to the voices and background noises, with a hint of music for FX). Very nice voice overs (always a plus for me).

Although this was not a "spectacular" game, it was a very nice SE and one that kept my interest from the beginning. I got to the end of chapter 2 before my demo time ran out, so this obviously is not a very long game...either that, or I was just too, I think it's not very long. However, I was into the game enough to want to see who the nasty villain is, so I will use a credit for this one.

As always, try the game for yourself and see what you think. We all have different tastes in games and you may not care for it at all. Thanks for the reviews and have a great weekend!

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by Eoarod on Feb 2, 13 12:26 PM
Well we've definitely established this game is H0 heavy So - if you don't like H0's? Wait for tomorrow If you do like H0s - keep reading!

Great atmosphere! This was one that drew you into the story right away. Very good VO's (IMO). Lot's of movement in the scenes and lots of little details. I like a game where you can pause and "survey the scene" for a bit and notice various points of interest (trying not to give spoilers lol). Very well done sound effects too! Sometimes just an annoying noise when you find an object in an H0 can be a deal breaker!

Ran on my laptop with not problems, quick scene changes, cursor works beautifully. I haven't run in to any glitches - but it seems so far those that have "glitched" got around them (??).

All in all a very nicely done SE from a reliable dev! Graphics are just this side of "stunners" but clear and though H0s are "junkpiles" (some literally!) they aren't so difficult you want to tear you hair out!

I can't attest to length - though sometimes a short game is just what you're in the mood for! Give this one a try & hunt your heart out if you're an H0 fan!

Happy Gaming!


Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by daisyduck352 on Feb 2, 13 2:59 PM
A vampire game and sorta like it. It doesn't have the best graphics but not bad. You click on the characters to see what they have to say. Hints reload fast and puzzles are fun and easy. Guess I will have to get into the story more to see if I will buy it or not. But not a bad game.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by PurrrThang on Feb 2, 13 6:49 PM
I finished the trial and this is a very interesting idea. I love hidden object games and this has a lot of them but they are very hard to see and I had to use a hints. I didn't worry about using the hints as I knew I wouldn't buy the game with the small and pretty well-hidden items. In games I play I like to avoid hints.

But at the end of the trial what I found out interested me. I may try this on a friend's desktop and see if I can see the items better. If I can and if I have a spare PCC I may use it to get this game. It took the entire trial to get my serious interest.

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by DragonLadyOz on Feb 2, 13 8:24 PM
Hi there,
This game reminds me of HOGS of the past before they became more of the adventure mode. Lots of HOS that are not interractive and of the "crowded with items" kind, though the items are generally place and time relevant.

Some more "modern" additions are the map and the ability to create a custom difficulty level. I also appreciated the "countdown" to the Solve button if/when needed and being "told" that I coudn't go back at one stage as it indicated that I had finished with the former scenes - I wish more devs would have either this or the "Objectives Completed" notification in games to spare unnecessary wear and tear on my shoe-leather.

The overall theme and tasks that have to be completed might not be for everyone, but I recommend that you give this game a trial - good value as a SE and maybe PC filler.


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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Feb 3, 13 4:48 PM
WOW! Scary scary storyline. A bit of dark scenes, which fitted the story. There's a human "dracula" or a cultist practice? Buy to find out. The 1 hour trial only hints so much (download to play, I am not giving spoilers, since I only played for 1 hr).

Easy to play through and navigate. Easy to find objects in HO. Easy to play mini puzzles

Not CE? Oh dear! Would have been great if added with CE. But its worth free stamp

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Re:Reviews for Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by laraly on Feb 4, 13 2:51 AM
I played the demo and I got caught by this game! I like the story, the enviroment and the music. The Hos are clear and easy, thou maybe too many, however the graphics are very good, so the sound's efxs, (rain, thunders, and else) and the game it's worth the play!

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