Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by Buffalolover on Feb 2, 13 11:42 AM
I guess I have always been for the underdog but I liked this one! The horse and carriage left and returned better than most. I knew what all of the HOG were except the horseshoe pick, LOL. I thought that was a hook on a screen door, down south years ago. I will purchase this soon. Buffalolover

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Re:Dark Lore Mysteries: The Hunt for Truth

[Post New]by bfgIzara on Feb 2, 13 11:57 AM
Hey there Buffalolover,

Thanks so much for your review!

To help other Fishies and the developers we keep all reviews and comments about the game in the specific threads here and here. To keep things tidy I'll be locking this thread but please feel free to re-post there so that others Fishies can benefit from your thoughts about the game!

Thanks again!


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