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Problems with Italian Street 2

[Post New]by rowdyrion on Feb 2, 13 9:32 PM
I have upgraded the pizza factory in this level to the max but it is still producing only 1 pizza at a time even though I have all the ingredients to make more than one. Other times when I try clicking on it it just sits there and doesn't start producing. Very frustrating ... urgh

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Re:Problems with Italian Street 2

[Post New]by Donna_Bella on Feb 12, 14 9:16 PM
Hi rowdyrion,

I had the same problem, then I realized that even though I had purchased the upgrade, it really only meant it was available for the next level but it may not necessarily be present right away. In some cases it is automatically there. If it isn't there, that means you need to purchase it when you have money, during the level, by clicking on the sign next to the machine. If you have enough cash the upgrade will be blue, if it's gray, you need to make money. That sign also tells you what products the machine requires to make the machine produce.

I, too, have noticed an occasional pause when clicking a machine to get it started. Sometimes it's a pause and simply clicking it again got it going. Other times I thought I had all the necessary items only to realize I was missing something and had to get busy making it. Hang in there. I hope this helped.

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