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Haunted Hotel- Stuck in the Armoury

[Post New]by anges35 on Feb 5, 13 2:44 PM
This is iPad version:

Help! I can't seem to get the animal heads just right. They are as exact as I can get them, matching the image, but the secret panel doesn't open to give me the fixture to move the candle- this means as lot of other things can't happen!

Knight's chest opens with the correct positions for the animal heads.
Heads set From left to right:
1. water buffalo to the down position.
2. wolf to the up position.
3. warthog to the center position.
4. fox to the bottom position.
5. gazelle to the middle position (NOTE:my image of heads shows gazelle in middle. Walkthrough states gazelle up. I tried it both ways- neither work.)

When I click on Hint, it keeps going to the image of the heads. Is there some trick here I don't know about? There is nothing is Inventory or List. Nor is there a HOS area.

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