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Bonus round... code by elevator

[Post New]by sissymaria on Feb 7, 13 3:06 PM
I am putting in the right code. have been trying for awhile. Not working. I know I'm putting in right code not hard to figure the code figures out. The strategy guide says to enter it twice. still not working. Is there something I'm missing?? HELP

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Re:Bonus round... code by elevator

[Post New]by Celia3C on Feb 19, 13 5:20 PM
I was having the same problem, and trying to figure out how the Strategy Guide came up with the numbers, but no matter what numbers I punched in, nothing happened.

After pushing every key on that keypad in frustration, I realized that the Strategy Guide failed to mention that you have to press the "return/enter" (curved arrow) key (last key bottom left) after you enter the number code. If you do that, then the puzzle will work. If you want to guess the numbers yourself, you enter the number of points on each symbol (which probably are the 2 codes given in the Guide), and hit the return/enter key. Then it flashes up another puzzle, which for me had different shapes where you had to enter the number of sides, and then, of course, the enter/return key again. After that, you should get the magnetic card. I hope this works for you.

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