Farm Tribe 2 Saved Game file location

[Post New]by djaucamp on Feb 7, 13 10:08 PM

I recently installed Farm Tribe 2 onto another pc but want to continue with my previous saved game. I tried copying the entire foxy games forder from C:/program files onto the new pc after installing but I can only start a new game. Does anybody know where I can get the saved game file on my old pc to copy to the new one? Both pc's run windows 7.

Thank you.

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Re:Farm Tribe 2 Saved Game file location

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 8, 13 1:43 AM
Hi djaucamp,

Welcome to the Pond!

As save files can be stored in different places depending on your particular machine, my best suggestion would be to get in touch with our Tech Support Team so we can track down the exact location for you!

And just in case it helps, I have also sent a Private Message to you with some tips on this.

Finally, as this is a game specific tech issue, I will pop it over to the Farm Tribe 2 Forum now and lock it up as we have a dedicated tech thread for that game already. Feel free to repost in that thread here if you like though!



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