can't find other 1/2 of scissors in HOS scene

[Post New]by redminster on Feb 8, 13 3:51 PM
I have looked everywhere for the half of the scissors but can't find it anywhere. Was I supposed to get the 1st 1/2 of the scissors in a previous scene? When I hit hint, (this happens anytime I try to find the other part of something that has to be "put together") it just highlights the scissor 1/2 that I did find; it doesn't help me find the other half. I'd sure appreciate some help!!! I'm getting really frustrated. Really like the game...this is the 1st "surface" game I've played; I'll be playing more I think. LOVE BFG's!!!! THE best gaming site for this old hen!

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Re:can't find other 1/2 of scissors in HOS scene

[Post New]by Kathilisa on May 28, 14 2:53 PM
One part of the scissors is found in a shrub (somewhere ), you have to use the can of weedkiller on it to get it. The other half, as you say, is in the HOG scene,.

Hope this helps

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