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Level 42

[Post New]by jobie69 on Feb 10, 13 4:38 PM
stuck on this level can get everything but the income I have the hotel but cant get it to make money has the big red cross through the dollar sign

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Re:Level 42

[Post New]by sipason on Feb 10, 13 8:48 PM
Hotel's income is proportional to the eco.
If the eco point is below 0, the hotel won't produce any money.

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Re:Level 42

[Post New]by badgerfann on Mar 26, 13 7:56 AM
Here's what I did...will take few trys to get timing right.

Buy one worker, repair multi on bottom right of screen. At same time, destroy ruined house next to mansion. When repair of multi is done, start eco upgrading. Destroy ruined houses above mansion. You might have to do a power upgrade to multi instead of eco to have enough workers. Continue upgrading multi at same time put two promenades above mansion. After multi is done, collect a rent and then sell.

Start upgrading mansion. Buy another worker (should have 5 at this point) Do eco first then do two power, after second power upgrade, collect rent until you have over $5000, then sell mansion. While mansion is selling, destroy building directly below it. When you get the money from the mansion, buy the cottage and other multi (not upgraded one). Destroy the ruined building above multi. On lower left screen build a power station.

Now start upgrading the multi, start with eco. At same time destroy the cottage and build an office. Upgrade multi and office a same time. You may need to buy another worker to keep both going at once. When multi is done, collect rent until office is fully upgraded and then sell multi.

Now collect rent on office until there is enough to build a high-rise in space above multis. Should only be one or two rents. Build the high-rise and eco upgrade once. Collect rent until there is enough to repair the mall. Repair mall and do one eco upgrade. Collect rent until enough to build hotel. While building hotel, collect rent and buy one of the prior multis to make the income goal.

I finished at 7:02

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