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What's so hard making a game fit the screen?

[Post New]by Elirana on Feb 11, 13 11:10 AM
What's so hard making games fit my square screen when they make it fit W/S?
The pachyderm devs have adapted to W/S but messed up games on my PC where I have to keep changing to W/S mid-game to access objects lost in the ether off the sides in several games.
Now this games devs has blown up the picture and put a square around the middle so the mini-game instructions were missing some at the bottom and the side. It looks awful and after hearing that the bonus is very short, won't be buying CE or the SE if it's not sorted.
Been with BF since 07 and bought all but a couple of CEs and 100s of their games. Have to say, am getting a bit ticked, having a GM forced on me which I HATE, PCCs by e-mail which either don't work or I lose, offers which I can rarely utilise as I have all the games and being charged VAT plus the games in GBP seem more than in dollars.
Time for a rest from games??

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Re:What's so hard making a game fit the screen?

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Feb 12, 13 3:41 AM
Hi Elirana,

I'm sorry that the game is not opening in widescreen for you and I can see that you have some other things that are bothering you too.

To be honest, if you have checked the screen resolution and updated your drivers, working with Tech Support is the best thing to do as we can only offer basic troubleshooting via the Forums.

By contacting us in this way, this will also allow us to address the other issues you have raised here because as I mentioned, there is not a terrible amount I can do for you on the Forums however, Support will be more than happy to do what they can to make things better for you.

Finally, as this is tech issue, I will be locking this thread now to keep things tidy but feel free to repost your widescreen issues in the dedicated tech thread here.

I hope this helps a bit and I am sure that once you contact Support, they will be glad to assist you with all of your concerns.


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