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misclick pet peeve

[Post New]by tookat on Feb 12, 13 12:38 AM
It just happened again!
I went to click on an object in a HOG that was near the HINT button and the hint clicked instead of the compass I was aiming at.
I have had this happen in other games when an object is close to the HINT button....and I wish DEVs would be more careful about not putting things close to something that can kill your chance of getting an achievement.
Either that or make the program tight enough so that HINT can not be set off unless you are clicking on the actual hint button.
rant over.....
good game!


Re:misclick pet peeve

[Post New]by bytecrawler on Mar 18, 13 2:25 PM
Happened to me too. It cost me an achievement since I didn't complete all the HO scenes without a hint. In this game it's particularly nasty since the hint button looks like an object in the game.

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Re:misclick pet peeve

[Post New]by Melymc on May 24, 13 1:15 AM
I know I am way late on replying to this, but I so agree!!! This happens to me A LOT! I'm like NOOOO. What? What? I didn't! I didn't! But, the computer just won't respond back. Lol. Like now. But, it's good to get it out. I just completed a game and only did not get one achievement because of this. Good thing I'm learning to let things go.

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